Saudization: A two-way process

For the past 20 years I have been in the Kingdom, we have seen a number of plans, programs and projects aimed at Saudization of the work force. In fact, the Saudi government has always aimed for a realistic average figure of about 25 to 30 percent Saudization in order to facilitate a smoother and viable transition.

100 % Saudization

Even at this low target, all the previous programs failed miserably, simply because Saudis have not been able to motivate themselves to grab the positions and opportunities offered to them, almost on a silver platter, and to top it all, at double to triple salaries and benefits paid to the expats, working in the same position and carrying out same duties. Other than banks and other essential government services, for which Saudis have been deemed as must, most of the private sector has been constantly struggling to meet government quotas of Saudization fixed by the Kingdom.

Sometimes this pressure on the private companies have led them to resort to illegal ways and circumvent the laws.

I feel, and I think most of us do know, that Saudization cannot be a one-way process. No matter what programs or plans are put in place, unless Saudis respond to it through their own motivation and eagerness to work, the government will continue to review and revise old or existing plans to Saudize.

When we will witness many Saudis working as mechanics, landscapers, carpenters and masons, A/C technicians, tailors, salesmen and restaurant workers, then only we will begin to realize that Saudization is taking root. The onus is on the Saudis to grab offers of jobs being made, accept salaries according to the average living standard, and most of all shun all the stigma connected with the idea that working with our own hands is below the dignity of a Saudi. In truth it’s the other way round. Saudization is a two-way proposition. Saudis are the only people in almost the whole world, to be lucky enough to have myriads of opportunities lying at their feet, and a very generous government to give them the chance, if they are willing to accept and work.  (10 July 2011)


4 thoughts on “Saudization: A two-way process

    • Ness,

      Sorry for late reply, binalikan ko ang mga comments at nakita ko itong sa iyo na nakaligtaan ko.

      Ang Saudization po ay matagal ng usapin sa Saudi Arabia. May mga implementasyon na rin to Saudisize companies in KSA pero wala po itong epekto sa mga expats. Kung ang Nitaqat ay maging successful hindi rin po ito maka epekto sa mga expats, kung meron man ito ay katiting lamang. Ibig sabihin po wala po itong epekto sa economic and finacial condition ng ating bansa.


  1. Good Day Sir Bong. May plano po akong mag-resign sa aking company ngayon (14yrs na akong employed d2) kasi may offer sa akin sa other company dito parin sa Riyad at ready na ang working visa ko. Itatanong ko lng po sana kung makakabalik ba agad ako dito sa Riyadh in 3 months time after my exit? Kailangan ba ng No Objection Certficate (NOC) para ako ay agad mkabalik dito? Hindi ba ako ma-question sa airport immigration pagbalik ko dito dahil may previous fingerprinting na ako? Maraming-maraming salamat po..

    More power,

    • Nil,

      Kung exit ang visa mo at smooth ang pag-alis mo sa iyong employer, bakit hindi, makakabalik ka agad na walang problema. Kung makakahingi ka ng NOC mas maganda, iyan nga lamang kung bigyan ka. Ulitin ko, as much as possible let your EXIT with your current employer be smooth and no hurt feelings as possible.

      Good luck!


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