Philippine Embassy Clarification on Rumors of Final Exit Stamps for Those Leaving on Exit and Reentry

Press Release 53/2011

11 July 2011

Philippine Embassy Clarification on Rumors of Final Exit Stamps for Those Leaving on Exit and Reentry

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh reiterates that the recent announcement of the Saudi Ministry of Labor spokesperson Mr. Hattab al –Hanzi about the ban on the issuance of work visas for domestic workers from the Philippines effective 02 July 2011 applies only to new work visas. It does not cover the household service workers with valid work visas who are already in Saudi Arabia or whose iqamas are up for renewal or those going on vacation. They can continue to work with their present employers.

This matter was confirmed by Assistant Deputy Minister of Labor H.E. Hashim Rajeh in a recent informal meeting with Labor Attaché Albert Valenciano of the Philippine Embassy.

The Philippine Embassy also called attention to unconfirmed stories about some vacationing workers who reportedly encountered problems at the immigration counter at the international airport in Riyadh. Allegedly, the immigration officer at the airport stamped “exit only” on the respective exit/re-entry visas of the workers. As a result of these stories, OFWs are now having second thoughts of going on vacation for fear that they may not be able to return to Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, Mohammad Al-Hussein, spokesman for the Passport Department (Jawasat) in Makkah province has openly denied this when he was interviewed by Siraj Wahab, a news correspondent of Arab New. He said then that “there is no absolute truth to it. If it is an exit/re-entry visa then it cannot be changed at the airports. The final exit is stamped only after a series of steps are taken by both the employee and the employer.”

The series of steps being referred to are the issuance of a release letter or no objection certificate (NOC) from the employer stating that it is giving its consent to release the worker and to send him/ her home to his/her country of origin. The employee has to sign a final settlement in which he acknowledges that he has received all his monetary claims from the employer. These documents are the basis for the issuance by the Jawasat of the final exit visa to the worker. Before the final exit visa is issued, Jawasat also checks whether the worker has any pending police case, traffic violation or bank loan. It is also required that no vehicle should be registered in the worker’s name at the time of final departure.

The Philippine Embassy advises OFWs not to believe these stories easily. As a precaution, vacationing workers should be in contact with their employers just in case they will have similar problems at the airport in Riyadh or elsewhere in the Kingdom. They should report the matter to the Philippine Embassy so that it could take appropriate action. The workers who are already in the Philippines on vacation can get in touch with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to document their case and bring the matter to the attention of the Saudi Embassy in Manila.


10 thoughts on “Philippine Embassy Clarification on Rumors of Final Exit Stamps for Those Leaving on Exit and Reentry


    ano po dapat kung gawin,kasi pabalik npo ko ng saudi kaso may problema sa exit visa ko..malabo daw po at hindi mabasa pangalan ko,kaya nareject ung papers ko.mapipidos n sna ako itong darating na lunes.tulungan nio naman po ako kasi hindi ko alam gagawin ko..nag-email narin po ako sa dati kung company sa saudi pero wala naman po reply!waiting for reply.

  2. sir, hingi po kami ng tulong ninyo or advice kong ano dapat namin gawin dito sa company namin. fast 2months na po wala kami natatangap na sweldo hirap na po kami sa aming buget lalo na sa pagkain at higit sa pamilya namin sa pinas.ang sabi po ng company namin ang ayaw na sa ganitong palakad magresign at stop working na.ako po ay nagfile na ng resign at pinatigil na po ng management mag 1month na po pero until now hindi nila asikaso ang repatriation wala rin po ako or kami natatangap na sweldo…sana po mabigyan ninyo ako sampu ng mga kasama kong pilipino dito ng tulong at anong dapat na namin gawin.maraming salamat po.

    humihingi ng tulong,

    Mr.Wilfredo C Glinoga

    ujra holding company riyadh

  3. Thank you for this information. Before I read this post, I thought OFWs were totally banned in Saudi Arabia and was worried what will happen to those already working there. My dad was working in Saudi Arabia and worried with what will happen to him there. I’m glad I read your post here.

  4. Good Day!

    I have a pending working visa for approval at the embassy. I will be working wit Al-Salam Aircraft Co. based in Riyadh, KSA and as far as I know they have achieved a Saudization rate of over 52% and if I am not mistaken, they are categorized as excellent or green labeled under the nitaqat system. Under this nitaqat system, all excellent and green labeled local and foreign companies in Saudi Arabia can still hire foreign workers and can actually expedite the processing of the visa application. With this, meaning that not all new OFW workers in KSA are ban to get a working visa? I just want to clarify this because as far as I know, my working visa is still under processing for approval which already took for more 2months now and I don’t know the reasons why. I hope you don’t mind me asking and clarifying this because I am just worried if I could still get this work or not at all. Thank you and hoping for your kind response with my questions. God bless!

    • Joey,

      Actually, those only expats under the red zone are mainly affected. In the yellow zone, only those expats who completed 6 years with the company are affected.

      Wait for more days, I’m sure you will be deployed soon.



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