The Continuing Saga towards OFW Empowerment

American Military personnel work at the site in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where a warehouse was hit by an Iraqi Scud missile during the 1st Gulf War.

Year 1993 when I arrived in Jeddah, KSA and got involved in community service and at that time I can smell the remnant of the 1st Gulf War. During the first 4 years as an OFW I met some renowned Filcom Leaders based in Jeddah, to name a few like, Gerry Cuares, Ernie Geslani, Gil Manese, Gerry Sano, Rudy Dianalan, Omar Chip Tiozon, Jimmy Leonida, Manny Arroyo, Rashid Fabricante, Mel Dazo, Fred Castolome, Ernie Hernandez, Emman Bernaldez, Francis Oca and many more.

I was just an observer whenever a meeting was called; at that time I was a proud member of Boholano Community in Jeddah (BC-J), the Bohol Leyte OFW Cooperative (BLOC), and the Overseas Filipino Workers Cooperative Council (OFWCC).  read more>>>>>>>



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