Policing the religious police in Saudi Arabia

Recently, the Saudi government appointed a new president for the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice who is known to be a more open-minded and progressive thinker.

However, the problem is not so much with the individuals on the commission but with the institution itself and how it operates.

For example, its executive bylaws in many respects are vague and have allowed some of its members to violate basic human rights, including in some cases the physical and verbal abuse of Saudi citizens.

Unfortunately, the commission’s executive bylaws outlined its powers and functions in only a general way, allowing too much license in how its mission was to be achieved.

As a result, this has led to the violations that are committed by the commission’s members. Indeed, the commission seems to exercise its power in excess of proper limitations and in violation of individual freedom. But let me be clear: I am not talking about the ritual of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice stated in the Qur’an which must be respected and followed by all Muslims, but about the unacceptable activities of the commission’s members.

Those acting on behalf of the commission have repeatedly shown that they do not respect the people’s right of privacy, and they engage in practices that are objectionable such as chasing and assaulting people and forcing segregation between men and women.   read more>>>>>


2 thoughts on “Policing the religious police in Saudi Arabia

  1. hello po..
    ask ko lng po sana bout my status..kc po nsa bakasyon po aq tpos n po 2mos.n dla ko ung exit-re enrty visa ko at ticket kc round ticket po un..so happen n ndelay ung pdla ng employer ko ng contrct kya d pa me nkaalis d2..ask ko kung totoo ba n d ngbibigay ng contrct ung consulate natin s jeddah for workers like us..kc un po sabi ng isang kakilala ko from jeddah n right now d cla ngbibigay ng contract..ano po dapat n gwin?tank u po..GOdbles po!!

    • Diko makuha Gel, nasa bakasyon ka at na delay ang kontrata mo. Bakit kailangan ng contract, eh bakasyon ka? Bakit sa consulate hihingiin ang contract? Di ko makuha, paki explain nga. Thanks.

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