How about You – OFWs? Are you in favor of Philippine Divorce Law?

Senator Aquilino “Koko”Pimentel III announced Tuesday night (22 May, 2012)  that he and wife of 12 years, Jewel, had been separated since November 2011 while Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero admitted in various media interviews that he and his wife, Christine, had parted ways.

Senator Pia Cayetano has been separated for the past eight years and is now in the process of annulment.

I think that divorce should be availed by people who become homicidal at the sight of each other. That is much better than making each other miserable for the rest of their lives, and impacting the lives of their children as well,”  – Senator Miriam Santiago


“slowly pull the ring out”

OFW husband who had not returned home for three years.  He called from Saudi Arabia, saying, “Kumusta na kayo?” The wife replied: “Salamat sa mga padala mong pera. Ang beer house natin ay KTV Bar na! Ang tricycle natin, taxi na. Ang one-story house ay three stories, at ang 2 anak natin ay apat na!” Four in three years! How come?  (taken from “Heavy Crosses our O.F.W.’s Carry“)

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are the most prone to be gripped with infidelity. Distance from loved ones force an OFW to find love and comfort in countries where they work, thus leading most likely to third parties. (taken from  All out of Love?)


A pleasing quality of a wife or a husband is a good disposition. An ill-tempered or ungrateful or loquacious or imperious couple leads to an agonizing married life, and is a great hindrance leading a moral life. – Anonymous


“I spent the ’90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony. I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on… trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself, “I think that my marriage (Aniston) had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.” – Brad Pitt


“The family is the most adaptable of all human institutions, changing with every social demand. The family does not break in a storm as oak or pine trees do, but bends before the wind like the bamboo tree in Oriental tales and springs up again.’’ – Paul Bohannan (American anthropologist)


The  Philippines and Malta are the only two remaining countries in the world without a divorce law. This bill is being introduced based on indications that the Philippine society is ready for the legalization of divorce.

The sanctity of marriage is not based on the number of marriages existing but on the quality of marital relationships. When a marriage is no longer viable, divorce should be an option.Explanatory Note, HB # 1799


How about You – OFWs?  Are you in favor of  Philippine Divorce Law?

RESULT:  As of 22 May  2013

Yes –  74.12 %

No – 26.19 %

Undecided – 0%



2 thoughts on “How about You – OFWs? Are you in favor of Philippine Divorce Law?

  1. HOUSE BILL NO. 6993

    By Representative Manuel C. Ortega



    SEC. 2. Articles 55 to 67 of the same Code are hereby amended to read as follows:

    “Art. 55. A petition for [legal separation] DIVORCE may be filed on any of the following grounds: (1) Repeated physical violence or grossly abusive conduct directed against the petitioner, a common child, or a child of the petitioner;
    (2) Physical violence or moral pressure to compel the petitioner to change religious or political affiliation;
    (3) Attempt of respondent to corrupt or induce the petitioner, a common child, or a child of the petitioner, to engage in prostitution, or connivance in such corruption or inducement;
    (4) Final judgment sentencing the respondent to imprisonment of more than six years, even if pardoned;
    (5) Drug addiction or habitual alcoholism of the respondent;
    (6) Lesbianism or homosexuality of the respondent;
    (7) Contracting by the respondent of a subsequent bigamous marriage, whether in the Philippines or abroad;
    (8) Sexual infidelity or perversion;
    (9) Attempt by the respondent against the life of the petitioner; or
    (10) Abandonment of petitioner by respondent without justifiable cause for more than one year.

  2. makatarungan siguro na hindi na dapat pang magpatuloy ang pagsasama ng isang mag asawa kung ito ay nagdudulot lamang ng mga pasakit sa kalooban at maaring minsan ay physical. pwede rin namang sa kawalan ng pagpipigil ng isat isa kung kaya dumarating sa hindi matibay na pagsasama. sa isang makatwirang pamamaraan nararapat din sigurong makaalpas na ang isat isa kung sila ay di na nagkakasundo kaysa patuloy na nagsasama sa isang bubong na wala ng pagmamahalan at unawaan. siguro dapat naman ibigay sa iba ang pagmamay ari nito buhat sa una upang ang nauna naman ay makatikim ng tunay na ligaya… ano man ang kalagayan ng isang tao kilala man sa lipunan o isang pangkaraniwan may pagkakataong dumarating ang ganitong pangangailangan….

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