New Fast Food Restaurant in need of…

JOB opening: Local Hiring only

A new Fast Food Restaurant is in need of the following:

Job Description

Prepare and cook food in a fast food restaurant with a limited menu and normally involve operating single-purpose cooking equipments. Duties of the cooks are limited to preparation of a few basic food menus.

1 – Cook ( Specialty in cooking Broasted Chicken and French Fries )

1 – Cook ( Specialty in preparation and cooking of different kinds of hamburgers )

1 – Fruit Juice Maker ( Specialty in preparation of any kind of Fruit Juices )

a) Applicants must be Filipino nationals.

b) Can perform job duties and responsibilities in a fast-paced and hectic environment.

c) Make a large quantity of orders for customers that come through the restaurant each day.

d) Good communication skills, and a friendly personality with customers and co-workers alike.

e) Place of work is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and willing to be assigned to other branches if necessary.

** For interview please contact the blogger through comment option of this post or call directly to Mr. Abdulrahman 0505719010.


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