4 Simple clue TO DO

Paging POEA/OWWA  Board of Trustees particularly OFW Sector Representatives Madame (ATIKHA) Mai Anonouevo, Hon. Engr. Ermie Garon and  Hon. Ka Alex Asuncion.

4 Simple clue TO DO as member of the board representing OFW sector.

Find ways to formulate policies and or measures for welfare and protection of OFWs bound for Saudi Arabia.

 1)       To redefine the rights and obligations in the Recruitment Agreement between the principal (Saudi Employer) and the private employment agency or the Administration.  

2)       To recall and file administrative charges to Labor Attache’s, POLO Officials and Welfare Officers  for failure to review, verify and establish the true existence of the employing person, company or project, and its capability to hire workers at the acceptable rates, and failure to validate and confirm that an OFW upon arrival at site has a clean, comfortable and decent place to stay and have desirable working environment conditions in conformity with the minimum standards prescribed by the POEA and taking into consideration the labor laws and legislations of the host country.  

3)       To stop the prevalent Contract Substitution in KSA or stop Saudi employer from making a new contract that is clearly inconsistent with a former employment contract signed in Philippines.

4)       Stop Saudi Employer from issuing Exit Re-Entry Visa instead of “EXIT VISA after an OFW finish her/his  Contract.

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One thought on “4 Simple clue TO DO

  1. dear bong,

    i do agree with your simple clues and your suggestion to mai anonuevo ……… kasi un involve,ment nya sa mga community dito sa batangas kailangan pa rin gamitan ng magnifying glass …..

    Miss June Inabayan Project Director


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