Let’s help PHLPost to stand the test of time


I remember when I was a kid my late mother asked me to collect parcels and packages coming from my sister who worked as a nurse in United States of America and later  collect my late father’s SSS pension to our town’s post office. It was indeed fresh in my mind that we rose early in the morning just to avoid the long queue that usually seen every day in the town’s post office. It was formerly named Bureau of Posts.

Today, we even seldom see people standing in front of the receiving and mailing windows in all post offices found in every town of the Philippine archipelago. Sad to say that the government institution that provides postal services to Filipinos for over 250 years is now overtaken by the rapid development of new technology and the continuing landscape of the online world.

I am glad that the present administration is serious in their program to revive the ailing postal service into a profitable institution and with a budget of P640M, the ongoing rehabilitation is being monitored by PNoy  attaching PHLPost under the Office of the President. Not to mention that PHLPost is now at present a separate entity of the government owned Philippine Postal Savings Bank.

Standing L-R: George C. Guico, UFWCD Riyadh IT Coordinator; Ed Margarito Balais, UFWCD Riyadh Webmaster; Ernie Saplan Perez, UFWCD Riyadh, President; Cesar Gervacio, President PRGBII (Philippine Royal Guardians Brotherhood International Incorporated – PRGBII); Manuel “Bong” Amora, UFWCD Riyadh, Adviser; Vic Delos Santos- President, AFTTA (All Filipino Table Tennis Association); Stanley Arcilla, UFWCD Riyadh, Secretary; Henry Zosa, UFWCD, Riyadh Business Manager & Photographer; Habib Batua-President, FEMAS (Federation of Maranao Associations in Saudi Arabia) Sitting L-Rt: Postmaster General & CEO Hon. Josie Dela Cruz; Saudi Arabia Philippine Ambassador, H.E. Ezzedin Tago; Engr. Mama S. Lalanto Al Haj-Asst. Postmaster Gen.; Abdul Gaafar Dimalotang – President PhilMOWA (Philippine Muslim Overseas Workers Movement)


The just concluded marketing trip of PHLPost Postmaster General and CEO Josefina Dela Cruz in the Middle East, to provide PHLPost remittance service to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) proved otherwise that it is now about time for the Philippine postal service to embark and embrace the new era of information technology.

Just like Philippine private banks, PHLPost will be launching in the Middle East its e-Postmo service, an electronic money transfer system through which OFWs can send money to the Philippines. Armed with post offices accessible in all locations throughout the Philippines, their beneficiaries will receive the amount on the same day of remittance and collect the exact amount remitted to them because PHLPost has no hidden charges. PHLPost program also includes door-to-door remittance service.

Philpost remittance service will be available very soon in Saudi Arabia, UAE and other GCC countries. Al-Rajhi Bank will be the PHLPost’s Saudi counterpart in the remittance service. Just go to the nearest post office or bank in the country where you are to remit your money. Various modes of delivery, such as cash pick-up at the post office, cash door-to-door delivery, credit to account, and postal money order.

 “The message of the visit is for the Filipino community to support PHLPost and help save the jobs of 11,000 postman and postwomen back home. The agency today has a different looks and vision, give chance for PHLPost to show to the Filipino people that it can” Filipino community leader Vic Delos Santos said.

Also, allow me say “let’s help PHLPost to stand the test of time, it is not just about profit and competition with the private sector, it is about preserving our country’s national heritage. – BongA


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