Guidelines still in progress on Hiring FHW to the Kingdom


The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Riyadh  as of today is still waiting for the approve guidelines on hiring Filipino Household Service Worker

Saudi Arabia has agreed to a $400 monthly minimum wage for Filipina maids after a ban for entry of Filipina maids to the Kingdom was issued by the Saudi government.  However, it is not clear if the previous requirements  imposed by  the Philippine government such as;  police clearance or equivalent documents from authorities in the area where the Saudi employer resides, civil registry or national identification of the employer and location map the household worker is to be assigned  are among  the required documents to be submitted. 

The Philippine government also requires the Saudi employer to mention in the Employer’s Information Sheet the exact task of the household worker. It was recalled that some complaint from the housemaid are overwork. This will help to determine the exact  task  of the household worker  whether caring of children includes tutoring and caring of disabled sick or their assigned work is only for household chores.    

What is clear is that the local Saudi recruitment companies will act as agents in hiring  HSW and these Saudi placement  agencies must be accredited by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in the Kingdom.  

Late last month, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Abdullah Al-Hassan, said an agreement would be forged allowing Filipina maids to be allowed back into his country, without elaborating the details of the agreement.

Also, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has yet to issue an official statement in their website about the lifting of the ban awaiting guidelines on this regards.

Saudi Arabia is a major employer of Filipino Household Workers. In the year end report submitted by the Philippine Embassy, POLO and OWWA to Philippine Congress; there are 149,628 household helpers, nannies and family drivers employed in Riyadh post alone for the calendar year of 2011.   

Article 7 of the Saudi Labor law states that “domestic helpers and the like” are exempted from the implementation of the provisions of the Law. 

BongA:   6/10/2012: RIYADH, KSA  

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UPDATE:  Embassy Resumes Verification & Authentication of HSW Contracts


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