Truck Brakes failed to work – Kebeng


Assistance to National Section-Head Consul Roussel Reyes (DFA 2012 Outstanding Diplomat Gawad Mabini Awardee), with Ambassador Tago (second from left) shares a light moment with Mr. Melchor Labi at Al Jazeera Hospital.

10/11/2012, RIYADH,KSA:The Filipino driver Ruben Kebeng who was allegedly blamed responsible for the gas truck explosion earlier in Riyadh said that he tried as much as possible to control the truck but the brakes failed to work causing it to collide with the bridge. These are the statement issued by Kebeng to the authorities according to a report published by Saudi newspaper Okaz and Al-Yamama online. “I am in a considerable speed and I quickly tried to turn to avoid the pillar of the bridge but the brakes did not work to calm the speed” said Kebeng, pointing out that he did not know precisely the measure of the speed on the counter. The truck explosion occurred on November 1, 2012 that killed 23 including Filipino worker Florentino Santiago.

OFW Ruben Kebeng

Investigators asked him if he inspect the brakes of the truck before leaving the warehouse “my tasked is to deliver the truck, there are assigned employees responsible for the truck maintenance” he replied.  

Asked if he was asleep while driving, he said: “If I was asleep, there will be more casualties, many people dies.”

When was asked what he did after he jumped from the truck “I heard a loud explosion, I was so scared and don’t know what to do but I still tried to call the company management even I am not fluent in English, nobody answers.”  

The police arrested him after he jumped and was taken to the hospital for treatment of his wounds.

On the other hand, the gas company denied yesterday that they will bear the cost of the damage caused by the incident. The management of the company explained that there was a committee formed to review the incident and any compensation depends on what will be the outcome of the investigations by the competent authorities probing the accident.

Philippine Ambassador Ezzedin Tago told Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila that Kebeng was in good condition and that he was still under investigation. The Philippine envoy however, could not say how long the investigation would last.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government is working overtime to raise P55 million in blood money in order to save the life of a Filipino overseas worker Joselito Zapanta convicted for murdering Sudanese after a financial dispute about room rent.

The 5 million riyals asked by the family of the deceased should be raised within 5 days from today to save the Filipino worker from beheading.  – BongA

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