Automated Overseas Voting in Riyadh Starts Successfully


The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh today successfully started the first day of automated elections for Overseas Absentee Voters (OAV). A total of 149 Filipinos cast their votes in Riyadh during the first day of elections. The Embassy invites all registered Filipinos to vote as soon as possible and until 13 May 2013.

A total of 149 Filipinos cast their votes during the first day of the automated elections in Riyadh. Engr. Alexander Javier who works as a Business Development Manager for DongHo Korean Saudi Limited Company was the first to cast his vote in Riyadh.

 The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh is one of seven (7) Philippine foreign service posts to adopt the Automated Election System (AES) for the 2013 OAV National Elections. The Philippine Embassy was provided eight (8) Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) Machines. 

Fellow OFW Absentee Voters during the first day of automated elections for OAV 2013

Fellow OFW Absentee Voter during the first day of automated elections for OAV 2013

Philippine Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ezzedin H. Tago, also cast his vote during the first day of automated elections. I invite all my kababayans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to exercise their right to vote and choose the next leaders of our country. Kasali po tayo dito!,” said Ambassador Tago.

 The Embassy invites all registered Overseas Absentee Voters (OAVs) in Riyadh, Central and Northern Regions of Saudi Arabia to cast their votes on the following schedule:

Saturdays through Wednesdays – 9am to 5pm

Thursdays and Fridays – 10am to 6pm

13 May (last day) – 8am to 2pm

Those who will vote are advised to:

 1.Look if their names are included in the Certified List of Overseas Voters (CLOV) for Riyadh posted at the Basketball Court of the Embassy.

The Certified List of Absentee Voters is also available online at:

2.Bring their Philippine Passport (or photocopy). If not available, any Philippine-issued ID card (driver’s license, SSS, Pagibig, Philhealth, PRC, etc.) or iqama showing name and picture.

3.Bring a prepared list or kodigo of preferred candidates for 12 senators and 1 party-list organization to avoid delay in casting votes.

The Embassy also advises Filipinos who will vote of the following:

It is prohibited to take photographs of one’s accomplished ballot;

Proper attire should be observed. Those in short pants, “sando” and similar attire will not be allowed to enter the Embassy’s premises; and, promptly leave the polling area after voting to provide space to others.

**PhilEmb Press Release No. 057-2013 / 13 April 2013



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