Embassy Does Not Have Workers for Transfer

LOGO%20EmbPhilippine Embassy in Riyadh
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Press Release
 No. PR-092- 2013

Embassy Does Not Have Workers for Transfer

(Riyadh, 25 May 2013) Since the announcement of guidelines for the correction of the status of workers on 10 May, many interested potential employers are crowding the Embassy and its consular outfield services looking for workers. The Embassy notes that it has received reports that an SMS message alleges that the Embassy has household workers for transfer of employment.

The Embassy also has received numerous inquiries asking for workers for transfer of employment in all categories especially household workers.

The Embassy it has no household workers available for transfer as alleged by widespread SMS messages, social media and Internet news. The Embassy is not a recruitment agency. Those looking for a household worker should contact an accredited recruitment agency.

The Embassy has also received offers for jobs for Filipinos, which it posts on a blog linked to its website, and on a board outside the Embassy. The Embassy stresses that it is not responsible for the transactions and agreements made between the companies and the Filipinos, and it does not endorse any of the companies. – end-


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