Three facets of sexual abuse


Case No. 1 = Silvio Berlusconi

The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced yesterday to seven years in jail after being found guilty of paying for sex with an underage prostitute Karima El Mahroug. In Italy, paying a woman for sex who is underage is a criminal offense. Karima El Mahroug was 17 at the time of the sex with consent occurred. However, the exchange of sexual services for money in Italy is legal, but organized prostitution like brothels is prohibited and paying a person under 18 for sex is a crime.

Just-Ice Italy prohibits sexual acts to an unmarried person under the age of consent which is 14. If two people engage in sex below the age of consent and in the same age, both can be charged with misdemeanor while if the one is older than the victim, the older person is treated as a sex offender and can be charged with statutory rape.

The 76-year-old former Italian leader and media tycoon, who denied all the allegations, has also been banned from holding public office for life.

Case No. 2 = Name withheld

A man could be convicted of rape even if the woman agreed to have sex, judges have ruled.

He would still be guilty if he did something she asked him not to, a High Court panel led by England and Wales most senior judge ruled.

This is a case involving a wife who claimed her husband broke their agreement by failing to withdraw. The judge’s creed that the man would no longer have the consent because he intentionally ignored the limitations set by his wife before the act was decided.

The judges said, the wife was deprived of choice and her consent was invalid under the circumstances. She agreed to have sex with her husband after the latter promised to withdraw because she was adamant that not to have another child. The couple has four children, two girls and two boys; the youngest is four years old. But the husband went back on his word, making her pregnant.

The judges decided it falls within the statutory definition of rape. Though they informed the public that withdrawal is not a safe method of contraception.

The husband now faces prosecution for rape following the court’s ruling that, if he deliberately ignored his wife’s wish that he withdraw before ejaculation, she had not consented to sex.

Case No. 3 = Antonio Villafuerte

Presumed innocent until proven guilty, that’s the case of POLO Riyadh, Asst. Labor Attaché Antonio Villafuerte. He should be summoned to come home and faced his accuser, to speak and defend himself on the accusations of sexual abuse hurled to him by female OFW in distress.

The story published in Philippine daily newspapers narrated that female OFW in distress named “Michelle” went to the shelter (Filipino Workers Resource Center) waiting for her ticket. According to her the Assistant Labor Attaché Tony Villafuerte told her that an Egyptian will pay her ticket back home in return of a sex act but the Labor Attaché himself started to take advantage of her. But she refused, and also the Egyptian pitied her.

To my readers, please note that no sexual act took place or consummated , the word “take advantage on her” and the “the Egyptian pitied her” are clear enough that nothing happened yet. This is only in the case of Michelle. We don’t know yet if there are other signed complaints from more alleged victim.

The International Association of Women Judges based in Washington, USA says; people who occupy positions of authority and public trust sometimes abuse their power and seek to take advantage of those who are dependent on their favor. When the abuse of power involves a demand for sexual favors, we are naming it “sextortion.”

It is just so sad to think that the people we rely on to be on our side are the ones hurting us. However, we should be concerned about the idea that sometime allegation may be subject to false-accusations. This sits against one of the most important principles in law: a person is to be presumed innocent, until they are found to be guilty.

By: Bong Amora


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