How to recruit a household worker from the Philippines

LOGO%20EmbRIYADH, 08/08/2013: Under the recent agreement between the Philippines and Saudi Arabia signed on 18 May 2013, all recruitment of Filipino household workers (drivers, domestic helper, gardener, etc) should be through an accredited Saudi recruitment agency which should have a partner agency in the Philippines.

The Philippine Embassy and its labor section (POLO) verifies the contract which is also authenticated by the Embassy. This is a requirement before any worker leaves the Philippines.

The employer should therefore first seek an accredited Saudi recruitment agency.

For each worker, there should be an individual employment contract.

The agency shall submit to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Riyadh the following:

•Transmittal indicating the full name of the employer, visa number, name of the employee, and passport number of the employee.
•Individual employment contract with the following requirements
•the contract must be on the agency letterhead
•the contract must be typewritten in Arabic and English
•all pages must be signed by the employer, the Saudi agency, the Filipino employee, and the Philippine agency, and stamped by the Saudi agency.
•Original copy of the visa slip
•Copy of the worker’s passport
•One set of all the documents

POLO accepts a maximum of 10 contracts from each agency every day. POLO accepts contracts for verification at 8AM. Releasing of verified and authenticated contracts is on the following day at 4:30PM.


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