Not anymore a question of morality


Ten thousand or more undocumented OFWs in the Kingdom are comprised of runaway workers  and almost half of them are women.  That includes undocumented mothers and children.   

fearsThe Philippine Embassy in Riyadh as of 21 August reported that 1,351 distressed OFWs from Riyadh and Eastern region and 881 in Jeddah as of 13 August have been repatriated during the correction period. Others are waiting for tickets that will be shouldered by the Philippine government. 

Many Filipino runaways without recourse enter into a forbidden relationship for support, shelter and companionship. To them, single or married back home, the reality is not anymore a moral question. The most important is to live and let the future tell its story. First and foremost the reason is, as undocumented workers with no marriage certificate, work permits and passport it would be very difficult for runaways to obtain legal documents for their child’s birth. The strict guidance of the country’s Shariah law, birth out of wedlock is immorality and  punishable with imprisonment before deportation.      

 I admit that there were many times that this blogger wants to tell the untold stories about our fellow OFW runaway’s situation in Saudi Arabia. There was also a time that I attempted to write stories about how fellow OFWs obtained  fake marriage documents from our very own National Statistics office at home in order to roam around freely, raised children in Saudi Arabia out of wedlock. However, as a Filipino I am hesitant to do so thinking that I will be violating their private life and who I am to judge them anyway, “let who without sin, cast the first stone.

 That is why, I am asking to those undocumented mothers and children who are still out there to heed the call of the Saudi government amnesty program and go home for good.  A better future for your children lies ahead,  not here but at home.

First you must comply the procedure and other requirements, our Philippine mission in KSA will help you in the process. Though it will take time to process your documents due to DNA testing, This requirement for a genetic reconstruction is required to determine the biological relationship of a child to both parents.

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh announced today that the Second Batch of DNA Results for mothers and children are released. Our embassy informs all mothers with children who submitted themselves for processing and DNA testing who want to be repatriated that the DNA results of those with the DNA processing numbers have been released. 

Those with these numbers will be processed through Jawazat at Wafideen in Shumeisy starting next week on Sunday 25 August. The Embassy will call the concerned to inform them of their schedule at the Jawazat for fingerprinting and issuance of exit visa.

So, to all of you out there, this is once in a lifetime opportunity, this is not anymore a question of morality but a question of how to raise your children without fear of prosecution and punishment. Remember a quote that says, “Eve in the garden gives Adam a hard on and no one will pardon the snake look who invents him and later torments him, then makes us repent our mistakes.” –  BongA


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