Know your insurance rights, GOSI tells expats


RIYADH – The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) launched on Sunday an awareness campaign enlightening foreigners about their insurance rights against vocational hazards.

GOSI Governor Solaiman Al-Quwaiz told the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the campaign was within the continued efforts to spread social insurance awareness especially among non-Saudi subscribers.

Click Image: "Legal expat workers eligible for GOSI"

Click Image: “Legal expat workers eligible for GOSI”

In addition to newspapers, TV channels, publications, billboards and electronic sites, there will be special teams from the organization visiting foreigners at their work places to enlighten them about the insurance rights, Al-Quwaiz said.
He said the campaign will be in four languages: Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu.There are more than 6.3 million foreigners registered with GOSI.GOSI implements social insurance rules, collects contributions from employers and pays benefits to entitled insured persons and their family members.

Calculations for GOSI are based on earning of an employee (Basic Salary + Housing Allowance) of a particular Organization. Calculations are divided into 3 categories: GOSI for Saudi citizens, GOSI for GCC (Gulf Corporation Council) nationals, and GOSI for non-Saudis.

Under a new scheme introduced recently by the Ministry of Labor, expatriate workers become beneficiaries of GOSI.
The date on which a non-Saudi worker arrives in the Kingdom or the date on which his service is transferred to another employer will be considered the date of his registration with the professional hazards division of GOSI.

In the event that the non-Saudi contributor sustains a work injury, he will be compensated with a lump sum amount. If the injury results in a permanent total disability the injured is entitled to a lump sum compensation of 84 months of the benefit value, which he was supposed to receive up to a maximum of SR330,000.

The calculation of the compensation takes into account the amount of the assistance of other allowances decided by the competent medical board. If the person’s injury results in partial disability, then the injured is entitled to a lump sum compensation equivalent to 10 years of the value of the assumed benefit up to a maximum of SR165,000.

If the injury results in the death of the contributor, his family members receive a lump sum compensation equivalent to 84 months. It is calculated on the basis of the benefit, which he was supposed to receive up to a maximum of SR330,000. It is equally distributed among the family members.  SAUDI Gazette 2/09/2013

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12 thoughts on “Know your insurance rights, GOSI tells expats

  1. Nabalian po ako ng buto sa daliri hbang ngttrabaho sa company nmn kung sakali b mgkano ang makukuha kong benefits dito???kaliwete ako at sa kaliwa yung injury ko..

  2. 2006 namatay yun father ko by road accident gusto ko lng po malaman kun may makukuha po ba kame na benefits from gosi….?father ko po under sya sa saudi binladin group….

  3. Magandang Umaga po!!
    Tanung ko lng po kung ilang buwan po ang processing ng mga ito sa Riyadh?
    1. End Service Benefits Employer processing up to DFA OUMWA.
    2. GOSI death claims processing from sending form to beneficiaries in the philippines back to GOSI at Riyadh.
    3. Blo Money processing from DFA OUMWA to MOL/MOI back to DFA OUMWA.

    Salamat po at more power po sa inyong lahat!!

    • Below taken from Philippine Embassy website. For your other concerns you can click here>>>>


      Social insurance benefits from the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) are specifically intended for a deceased expatriate member who died in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and whose cause of death is due to a work-related accident.

      The sponsor will officially inform the GOSI Overseas Benefits Department of the death of its employee. The employee’s cause of death is based on the medical and police reports issued by the concerned hospital and police authorities.

      If an Overseas Filipino Worker is a member of GOSI and the cause of his death is work-related, the GOSI Overseas Benefits Department will send, through registered mail, the GOSI form (including the list of required legal documents) to the reported legal beneficiaries of the deceased OFW in the Philippines. The GOSI form must be duly accomplished and notarized by the concerned Regional Trial Court or Municipal Trial Court. Also, the GOSI form and the required legal documents must be duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and by the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Manila. Upon completion of the required authentication, the GOSI form and the required legal documents should be mailed back to GOSI-Riyadh Overseas Benefits Department.

      GOSI-Riyadh will process the submitted GOSI form and documents and if it finds that all documents are in order, they will compute the insurance benefits and the check will be mailed directly to the deceased OFW’s beneficiaries.

      GOSI-Riyadh will only communicate with the deceased OFW’s beneficiaries and their insurance benefits will be mailed to them directly. The insurance benefits will no longer be coursed through the Philippine Embassy or with any other Philippine and/or Saudi government agency.

      The Philippine Embassy, if requested by the deceased OFW’s beneficiaries, can only verify the status of the insurance benefits with GOSI-Riyadh’s Overseas Benefits Department. The Embassy will then request for the GOSI number of the deceased OFW. The GOSI number is a 9-digit combination that starts with the number 8.

  4. 7 yrs and 4 months napo aq sa employer q.ngayon po napasama aq sa mga natanggal dahil sa saudization ng company at final exit napo ako.may makukuha po ba aq sa GOSI maliban po sa ESB q?

    • AS far as I knew, GOSI retirement benefits are only covered sa mga Saudi nationals not for expats. GOSI for expatriates are covered only for workers disabilities or occupational injuries and in case in death. Payo ko magtanong ka rin mismo sa opisina ng GOSI kung may makukuha ba ang expat workers once he will go exit.

    • Wala pong retirement fee dito sa mga expatriates baka naman po ang tinatanong ninyo ay end of service benefits or ESB, kung ito po ang tanong nyo, meron po at the end of your contract or binibigay po ito pag exit na po kayo.

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