Revised POEA Rules and Regulations 2016

This blog post is to inform our fellow OFWs  that the POEA rules and regulations governing the recruitment and employment of landbased OFWs have been revised on February 2016.

Some of  the answers to our readers inquires or salient portion of the provisions of the revised POEA rules and regulations 2016 are  herein provided for our guide.

A: Disciplinary Action against Principal/Employer

Salient portions of some provisions that fellow OFWs should note that principals and or employer unauthorized/unjustified collection of fee or illegal exaction from OFWs through whatever means, including salary deduction are serious offense and grounds for disciplinary actions against employers that could lead to permanent disqualification and delisting from the  roster of accredited principal or employer.

POEA Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Recruitment and Employment of Landbased OFWs 2016

POEA Revised Rules and Regulations Governing Recruitment and Employment of Landbased OFWs 2016

In the above provision otherwise, OFWs should be reminded that a placement fee “may be charged against the Overseas Filipino Worker equivalent to one (1) month basic salary as specified in the POEA approved contract”. However, in Saudi Arabia, the employer’s usual practice has to pay the worker  placement fee to the recruitment agency and to be paid by the OFW through salary deduction. There are many employers in the Middle East that are doing this kind of arrangements. It may be allowed with a written acceptance by the OFW. But be noted that the salary deduction scheme is not allowed in other countries of destination.

Permanent disqualification of the principal to hire OFWs includes “substitution or alteration of the POEA approved contract to the prejudice of the Overseas Filipino Worker.” Therefore, OFWs should always be aware that changing of the agreed terms and conditions of POEA approve contract is against POEA rules and regulations.     

B: Disciplinary Action against Recruitment agency

Be aware that that recruitment agencies are subject to suspension of license if found “collecting any fee from a worker without issuing the official receipt clearly showing the amount paid and the purpose for which payment was made.”

Provisions that may lead to the suspension of the recruitment agency’s license in the revised POEA rules and regulations includes:

Substituting or altering, to the prejudice of the worker, a POEA-approved employment contract, from the time of actual signing thereof by the parties up to and including the period of the expiration of the same, without the approval of the POLO or POEA”.

Therefore, any alteration or substitution of the agreed employment contract terms and conditions if the case may arise should be approved by our POLO and or POEA.

Withholding or denying release of travel or other pertinent documents from a worker despite demand and failure to reimburse expenses incurred by the worker in connection with his/her documentation and processing for purposes of deployment, where deployment does not take place without any fault on the part of the worker.”

All the above offense committed by the recruitment agency may result in the revoking or suspension of their license or whatever penalties as to be concluded by the POEA.

C: Disciplinary Action against Overseas Filipino Workers

If there is a disciplinary action to be taken against employers and recruitment agency, an OFW should also be aware that penalties await us if an offense is committed during the pre-employment period.

The number one that we should be aware of is “submitting, furnishing or using false information or documents or any form of  misrepresentation for the purpose of a job application or employment.” The penalties are categorized into three in which could lead to permanent disqualification from participation in the overseas employment program.

Another offense that I found relevant to many of our readers’ inquiries is the “unjustified refusal to continue his/her application after signing an employment contract, or to depart for the work site after all employment and travel documents have been duly approved by the appropriate government agencies.” Penalties could be a “suspension in a certain period of time and permanent disqualification from participation in the overseas employment program.”  

But in this particular scenario the POEA will determine the offense upon review of the complaint raised by the recruitment agency. If an offense is committed, it means unjustifiable reasons for withdrawal of documents or refusal to depart for the work site may result  in disqualification of OFWs in future application to work overseas.

D: Repatriation

Primary Responsibility to Repatriate Overseas Filipino Workers. – Notwithstanding the provisions on compulsory insurance coverage as required by law, the repatriation of an Overseas Filipino Worker or his/her remains, and the transport of his/her personal effects shall be the primary responsibility of the principal/employer and licensed recruitment agency that recruited and/or deployed the work. This entails the obligation to cover repatriation and attendant costs, including airfare and immigration fines/penalties. This obligation shall be without prior determination of the cause of the need to repatriate the Overseas Filipino Worker.

However, kindly be informed that the POEA Revised Rules and Regulations says “after the Overseas Filipino Worker has returned to the country, the principal/employer or licensed recruitment agency may, however, recover the cost of repatriation from the Overseas Filipino Worker if the termination of the employment was due solely to the Overseas Filipino Worker’s fault.”


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9 thoughts on “Revised POEA Rules and Regulations 2016

  1. Hell po, ask ko lang po kung legal b ung gnagawa ng agency dito sa pinas, nag apply po ako asa provision master sa barko, then sa poea contract ko is storekeeper, sabe sa agency na sa barko n lang dw po bbguhin ung kontrata, kc ppirma uli ako ng kontrata kpag onboard na po ako, ang bngay lang sa akin na salary is pang storekeeper pero ngyn onboard ako pinalitan agad ung kontrata ko ng provision master, ang nakalagay sa salary ko bago ko umalis is 1800$ storekepeer, then naplitan po un nung nag onboard ako naging 1900$ n, pero ang trabaho ko is provision master at ang pinirmahan kong new addendum is provision master, advice naman po. Tnx

    • Wala akong nakikitang problema dahil aware ka nito sa simula pa lamang na hindi kapa onboard. Did you sign an undertaking or affidavit of awareness or consent?

      Pangalawa, pumirma ka ng bagong kontrata at nasa tama naman ang sahod at linya ng iyong trabaho. Just keep the new original contract with you for future use.

  2. Hello po good day! Bka po pwde mka hinge ng tulong o advice regarding po sa work ng asawa ko.. Nag apply po kc xa 3months aq sa valesco agency as fcaw welder bound to abudhabi.. Na realesan po xa ng visa last may. Ang rate po sa knya na sinabi is. 2. 8 usd/hour so mgging equivalent dw po is more than 26k. Hiningian po kmi ng placement 36, 500. Pero wala po kmi naibigay na png placement nag decide po ang asawa ko na mag back out nlng po sana kaso sabi ng agency e blocklist dw po ang asawa ko.. Nung mag flyt na ang asawa ko nung may 25, 2016 nag report xa sa agency nya morning pra ipaalam na 10k lng po pera nya so ang ginawa po ng agency yung kulang na 26, 500 ay ginawa nlng po salary deduction plus 5% interest. Nung nkarating n po asawa ko sa abudhabi nlaman nya na d pa pla stable ang trabho nya doon kc my testing pa po plang mngyyri at kong di mka pasa sa testing papauwiin pblik pinas which is d sinabi ng agency na ganun pla mngyyri.. Ito po d nkapasa ang asawa ko so papauwiin po xa ngayong july at sa asawa ko pa pamasahi,.. Tanong ko po yung 25, 500 na png placement sa agency bbyran pa po b nmin yun e di nmn po nkasahod ang asawa ko doon kc yung 1month na sinahod nya doon sa training pinamasahi nya pblik pinas.. At pwd pa po ba nmin makuha ang 10k na dinown nminnmi mam.. Nka alis po asawa ko.mam di hingian ng NBI..


    • Placement fees for all other OFWs are allowed, but only for one month’s salary and only after an employment contract is signed.

      Kung ang equivalent ng sahod ng asawa mo ay 26K, ang placement fee po ay 26K ayon sa rules and regulations ng POEA.

      Puwede po ninyong e-report sa POEA ang recruitment agency na ito na humingi ng labis sa itinakdang placement fee at itanong nyo na rin kung makukuha pa ninyo ang 10K na paunang bayad sa placement fee.

      • Saan ko po pwde e report ang agency na to.. Ngayon po nag tex ang asawa ko kasi dapat pauwiin na sya ng employer dahil di po niya na ipasa ang last testing which is di po na inform asawa ko na ganito pala mangyayari. SINABIHAN sya ng kasama niya doon na pinoy na may contact sa agency dito pinas na kong di daw nya ma ipasa ang testing pupunta daw ang agency dito para singilin ako o di kaya kong ma ka uwi man asawa ko sasalubungin daw sya sa airport para kukunin ang kanyang passport. Sabi kasi dw ng agency di pa sya maka uwi kong di mabayaran ang placement niya. Tinubuan pa nila ng 5%.

        • Dumulog kagad sa POEA, hanapin nyo po ang Licensing and Regulation dept at ikuwento po ninyo lahat lahat ang dinanas nyo sa recruitment agency na ito. Kung hindi kayo asikasohin, hanapin ang opisina ni POEA Board of Trustee Alexander Asuncion at ilahad nyo sa kanya ang inyong hinaing at banggitin mo na ni-refer kayo ng ofw empowerment blog.

      • Tinanong po namin before yung taga agency qng bakit lampas sa sahod nya ang placement fee ang sinagot po ng agency yung sobra dw po ay 1year na tax niya.

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