Outstanding OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Awards (OBRA)


Outstanding OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Awards (OBRA)

(List of Awardees from 2010 to 2015)

2010 (2nd OBRA Awardee)

Dennis Basan and Oliveros Elyjar Buerano Villalobos for Outstanding Positive Character, Nimfa Musa Melegrito for Outstanding Community Builder, Narciso G. Posadas for Outstanding Work Ethic, Engr. Rodolfo B. Virtudazo and Lea Ramos Caseres and  Fortunato Sibbaluca Lozano for Outstanding Entrepreneurs, and Vivencio Gacosta Fuentes for Outstanding Family Builder.

2011 (3rd OBRA Awardees)

Mr. Ronaldo M. Velasco and Ms. Gundelina L. Sale for Outstanding Community Builder; Mr. Randy Ahorro and Ms. Myrna Y. Padilla for Outstanding Entrepreneur; Mr. Rogelio San Andres and Mr. Prudencio S. Garcia for Outstanding Positive Character/Good Deed; and Mr. Carlito L. Astillero for Outstanding Family Builder;  and Engr. Francisco Aguilar for Outstanding Work Ethic.

2012 (4th OBRA Awardee)

Outstanding Entrepreneur – Milagros Remugat Leviste, Domingo Carmona De Leon ; Outstanding Community Builder – Jeffrey Ximo Ramos, Rosalie Ellasus ; Outstanding Positive Character/Deed ; Emmanuel Rabulan, Juanita Limbago ; Outstanding Family Builder – Solito Cruz, Analiza Lupisan ; Outstanding Blogger Advocate – Gracia Amor, Eulalia Frances Llenos Jayme.

2013 (5th OBRA Awardee)

Outstanding OFW Blogger Advocate: Raquel  D. Padilla and Manuel A. Amora  /  Outstanding Entrepreneur: Armi G. Aligonero and Maria Teresa Docabo Herbst / Outstanding Community Builder: Jaime N. Cruz and Josephine T. Cajada /  Outstanding Work Ethics: Angelica R. Ligas and Rosita V. Frando / Outstanding Family Builder: Rogelio C. Mendoza and Vivian L. Alzate / Outstanding Positive Character/Deed: Myrah A. Amistad and Marites P. Galam / Outstanding OFW Advocate: Victor I. Luciano and Roy Seneres.

2014 (6th OBRA Awardee)

Outstanding Community Builder-Engr.Nelson Ramirez,Arnel Genzola.Outstanding Entrepreneur-Ronald Torres, Fe Mejia Vidal.Outstanding Positive Character Deed- Marsha delos Santos Brunswick,Ma Luningning Bebit.Outstanding Family Builder-Eliodoro Ranara,Ronaldo Salvador. Outstanding Work Ethics-Erbil Escano Sr.,Rhodora Madrideo. Outstanding Filipino Blogger-Mark Eden Ellaga and Fernando Lachica.

2015 (7th OBRA Awardee)

Clarisse Pastor-Medina and Carlo Casinto (Outstanding Entrepreneurs) Joel Nedamo (Outstanding Family Builder); Vagelyn Federico (Outstanding Work Ethics); Carmi and Tristan Cristobal (Outstanding Filipino Bloggers) Salome Cunanan and Rowel Anicas (Outstanding Positive Character/Deeds);  Anne Quintos (Outstanding  Community Builder)


His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines
OFW and Balikbayan
Reputation Awards (OBRA)

My heartfelt congratulations to the nominees and awardees of the Outstanding OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Awards (OBRA).

Your stories and experiences weave a vibrant thread of courage and patriotism in our continuing narrative as a nation. The achievements you secure for your families and respective communities redound to our advancement along the straight and righteous path; you have proven that geographical distance is never a hindrance in giving a helping hand to our countrymen. Despite being oceans away from your homeland, you continue to demonstrate your love for country by cultivating Filipino pride and remaining a proud bearer of our multi-faceted identity in this increasingly globalized era. For all these, we in government are grateful.

You are an inspiration to your fellow OFWs and to the rest of our countrymen. May this recognition further bolster your resolve in achieving your dreams and continuing to take part in our nation-building. Together, let us demonstrate the resilience, determination, and passion that shaped our nation’s history and will help us reclaim our rightful place in the international community.


Message during the 4th OBRA


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