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Anita07WebSeveral years ago, I was asked to teach Filipino cooking at the US Naval Submarine Base in Bangor, Washington State. My love for cooking did not stop at the Naval Base, I would go to American homes and proudly present our Filipino cuisine.

In 2005, while organizing the OVERSEAS FILIPINO COUNCIL in California, ANITA’S KITCHEN caricature was sent in through the internet by our President Dindo Generoso, from Australia. I fell in love with the picture, with my signature Hairdo, why not? So ANITA’S KITCHEN became the LOGO and the kitchen came alive VIRTUALLY. OVERSEAS FILIPINO COUNCIL, became OVERSEAS FILIPINO COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL and ANITA’S KITCHEN became the OFCI’s hospitality room. – nitz sese schon


ANITA’S KITCHEN:The Religion of food, food, food!

If there is anything that would ultimately unite Filipinos worldwide, it will be food! Absolutely without exception, anywhere in the world where there’s a gathering of Filipinos, short of bringing the kitchen, FOOD is number one in the agenda!

So what’s in the Balikbayan box, huh? Let me see…corned beef ( he he he he he he!), anchovies, coffee, chocolates, vetsin, garlic, disposable plates, cups, spoons, bags of rice (for goodness sake!). Rice cooker, portable stove, pressure cooker, food mixer…hmmmm…

Anita Sese-Schon, now living in Bremerton, Washington State USA, loves to cook and learned very early in life studying Culinary Arts at Araullo high while growing up in Manila. She soon realized that while Filipinos would kill each other arguing about politics, there is never an issue when eating is concerned.

Filipinos love their food and Anita has embarked on her mission to unite the Filipinos worldwide- not by her pet project the OVERSEAS FILIPINO COUNCIL, whos board members she cooks for a lot but through ANITA’S KITCHEN- the one unifying force that she thinks, without doubt, will lead to the unity of all Filipinos through their nosetrills and taste buds!

Anita’s Kitchen culls from the best recipes of the islands as Anita Sese-Schon embarks on collecting the very best of the best in Filipino Food for publication worldwide. It is her hope that one day, Filipinos will just transcend their destructive politics and simply enjoy the best of Filipino food!

Dindo Generoso
Sydney, Australia



Anita Sese Schon is a lady of gigantic ambition and endless energy. Her enthusiasm can not be contained that she was involved in so many organizations in her community in Bremerton, Washington State. Her network of friends and organizations expanded the world especially in her community, around the USA and the Philippines were countless admired her commitments. She conducted many projects mostly if not all were completed and delivered successfully. She did not hesitate to do her best and willingly spent her own financial resources to bring the desired results of the projects she was involved.

As early as 2000 Ms. Anita Sese Schon began going back to the homeland for class reunions, and to visit relatives and friends. Initially she was dismayed by the socio-economic and political conditions in the Philippines. As she continued to go back she became increasingly disturbed with the widespread poverty, lack of jobs and the continuing migration of Filipinos seeking employments in foreign lands. Many are professionals accepting works way below their educational and professional qualifications just so they could support their families at home.

In her subsequent visits in the Philippines she was able to widen her sphere of influence beginning from her friends from her alma mater, previous officemates, friends, province mates and acquaintances. She contacted classmates and friends in positions of influence. Before long she was organizing civic activities in the Philippines, conducting fund raising for some community organizations and rallied communities to do something, e.g. cleaning the streets and Plant for Life projects just to name a few.

She became ever more adamant and frustrated for the lack of progress for all her efforts in the Philippines and the ingrained graft and corruption, and abuses widely practiced by both government and private persons in any position of influence.

In November 05, 2005 Overseas Filipino Council (OFC) was founded and incorporated in the State of California.

In August 12, 2007 the Overseas Filipino Council was reorganized and named Overseas Filipino Council, Incorporated. Four months later, in December 6-8, 2007, the Overseas Filipino Council initiated the first “Overseas Filipino Congress” a  conference participated by leaders of Filipino organizations worldwide met to formulate out plans and programs in which the Overseas Filipinos can contribute development of our homeland, create more jobs, development of Small and Medium Enterprises and other means of economic endeavors. It was held in Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental.

The conference focused in establishing a close partnership with all Filipinos worldwide to help the Philippines achieve a common goal towards economic progress. The focus of the conference is to formulate out plans and programs in which the Overseas Filipinos can contribute development of our homeland, create more jobs, development of Small and Medium Enterprises and other means of economic endeavors.


by: Nelson Paguyo

Dr. Nelson Paguyo is the author of the book


Our Super Team


The caricature that Dindo Generoso   from Australia sent to us while we were having a meeting in Southern California started ANITA’S KITCHEN.  What a very good idea from my friend Dindo  (who at that time I had not met) I LOVED IT !!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!! AND WILL  FOREVER BE LOVING IT!!!!!  The caricature really looked like me and I was deeply honored. Now the ANITA’S KITCHEN caricature became the LOGO of ANITA’S KITCHEN, and the hospitality room of OVERSEAS FILIPINO COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL, and lately the cyber world of Filipinos. The encouragements to do ANITA’S KITCHEN were from Dr. Nelson Paguyo of Minnesota, Dr. Ben Majam of California, Lourdes Ceballos of Illinois, Dr. Bert Pagarigan of Minnesota. A small group  from Gugma Han Samar had encouraged me to expand the cooking to the world were Jose Avelino III  of Texas, Gonzales Reynaldo of Australia, Addi and Elsa Batica of Minnesota, Quint Doroquiz of California, Loudette Avelino of New York, Sheila Zangl  of Germany, Jensen Jimenez of the Philippines, Betty Duran of California, Corrie Leano of London. I had actually demonstrated my cooking at Gonz and Jensen’s kitchens.

When I published my ADOBO DE CARAJAY recipe and  added a little something out of the box, my friend Ceny Duldulao of Northern California was humored and specially energized while having her morning coffee. This ADOBO was cooked by Cesar Millena of Seattle, Washington, a retired engineer from BOEING whose hobby was cooking for us ARELLANITES, his wife CELIA CONDE was our co graduate. I learned a lot of techniques of cooking from the ARELLANO HIGH SCHOOL  of CLASS 1955.  Jimmy Galang of Daly City, California, showed me how to do a better PALABOK.   Who else could be a better cook than the retired military personnel, Jimmy Esmele, husband of Amelia Tapia from Seattle, Washington.  He showed me how to keep our vegetables crunchy.  Frank Lopez Jr. from San Diego, California, another retired US Navy person is superb in the kitchen.  He can cook up a storm during our gatherings.  And a big surprise was Edgardo Gomez of Mission Viejo, California. I can never forget the huge delicious steamed fish he served us during one of our dinners.  Oh yes, we have women cooks too; Zeny Ilag of Arizona, Gloria Sicat Reyes of California, Shirley Saplala of Nevada and from California,   Hermie Occidental ,( her SABA was so delicious, I just had to have the recipe.)  We have a good AHS team from the cooks to the Kitchen Brigade, and I have the biggest advantage, after all I am the President of the AHS Alumni Association in USA, just kidding.  All I do is watch, supervise, delegate and take notes.  Just kidding, I clean up and do the newsletter.   Ok, I am getting carried away, this is not about my High School.

Another great influence on my cooking or ANITA’S KITCHEN was Eisa de Jesus of Jeddah. He encouraged me to write a book and he actually compiled comments from friends for me.

I was able to cook more collections of recipes when I lived at Parc Chateau, the residence of Odette Padilla and Peter Reichter, here I was able to invite members of the OFCI to dine at ANITA’S KITCHEN.

Later, I travelled the country and began sharing the knowledge of extending the peso and cooking  and  eating  nutritious foods and what we call “poor people’s” food.

My collection of recipes is getting larger and there are so many good recipes I want to include in my COFFEE TABLE BOOK. I’m having a hard time deciding which recipes to include.

My friends,  Jimmy and Luz Cura took me to Dampa in Ortigas, Pasig,  a place packed with people.  I was fascinated, there was no such thing as a “ Dampa”  when I was growing up.  So thru the courtesy of Jimmy, he wrote an article how Dampa came about.  Filipinos are very creative, and that is what I am doing now, trying to create recipes while improving the old recipes passed down from generation to generation. OVERSEAS FILIPINOS  will always have in our hearts the cooking from our beloved Philippines.

Of course I will not be able to do all these cooking and traveling without my husband Edward A. Schon’s support and generous allowance.

And the last but not  least is the great help I am getting from my adopted nephew Manuel “Bong” Amora who created this website for all of us to enjoy.

There will be more cooking experiences to come.  Please stay tuned.

Your Kutsenera,



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2 thoughts on “Anita’s Kitchen

  1. Anita:

    Congratulations! The last time we were exchanging emails about your plan to build a website dealing with cooking was in 2005. Now, five years later, you have a real good site. On the other hand, I’ve just started my own blogsite – – which will discuss on alleviating us OFW’s from working abroad, and discuss ways on earning those amount in our country instead. Please visit the site. You’ll be surprised, it’s possible.


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