Mar Roxas (OFW Agenda)

PSECE 2015 Covention guest speaker SILG Mar Roxas at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on Wednesday. Photo by: JOEL LEPORADA


Taken from RAPPLER:  While Roxas is no stranger to life as an overseas Filipino – he was a US-based investment banker before he ran for public office – his experience was different from the millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who usually take on blue collar jobs abroad. Roxas’ jobs in the Aquino administration, thus far, have not really exposed him to OFWs, among the pillars of the Philippine economy.

An issue Roxas will need to address should he be elected president is the plight of OFWs, who find themselves on the losing end of their host country’s justice system. Over 80 OFWs are currently on death row.

Mary Jane Veloso, who is on Indonesia’s death row for alleged drug smuggling, has become the latest example of this problem.

Roxas, in a previous conversation with Rappler, says among his goals is to make sure that each Filipino is given enough opportunities: a good education and decent job opportunities. (By Roxas’ count, 6 Filipinos are born every second.)

This echoes the repeated pronouncements of Aquino that the government should strive to provide good jobs at home so that Filipinos would not be compeled to seek greener pastures abroad.

Despite the government’s gains, however, unemployment in the Philippines still ranks highest in Southeast Asia, according to the World Bank.


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