Salient Features of the Saudi Labor Law

Republic Act No. 8042


Other Laws Affecting OFWs

         (Salient Provisions)

Salient Features of the Saudi Labor Law

Presented by:


(Welfare Officer/POLO-OWWA/ Philippine Embassy, Riyadh, KSA)

during the  “OPEN FORUM”

(Know your Rights and Obligations as an OFW in the Kingdom)


organized by



held at New Islamic Center Auditorium, 2nd Industrial Area, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Community Leaders Training (OLEP)

I . Introduction

     1.1 Legal Basis 

          –  Constitution (Sec.18, Art. 2; Sec.3, Art. XIII)

     1.2  Definitions

         – Migrant/OFW – Section 3 (a) & Section 2 (a) IRR

         – Overseas Filipinos – Section 3 (c)           

II. Pre – Employment

     2.1  –  Illegal Recruitment – Section 6 (a to m)

               Placement Fees (Excessive/No Placement) – Section 6 (a)

               Inducement – Section 6 (d)

              Contract Substitution/Alteration – Section 6 (i)

              Withholding of Travel Documents – Section 6 (k)

              Failure to deploy  – Section 6 (1)                                                  

–  Economic Sabotage – Committed by a Syndicate/Large Scale

              (Section 6  second to last par.)

                – Persons Criminally Liable – last par.

                – Penalties – Section 7

2.2          Employable Age – Section 2 (k) IRR

2.3          Prohibition on Officials & Employees – Section 8

2.4          Exemption from Travel Tax/Airport Fees – Section 35

III. During Employment

     3.1  –  Resource Center (POLO) – Section 19           

               Mandated Services

               24/7 Operations

                  Highly Problematic Areas – Provision of Lawyer/Social Worker

     3.2     – Confidentiality of Information – Section 20, Section 73 IRR

     3.3  –  Duty to Enforce Emp. Contract – Sec..23 (b2), Sec. 51 IRR

     3.4  –  Legal Assistance – Section 19 (a), Section 24 (b), Section 26

     3.5  –  Priority Concerns-Duty to Assist – Section 27

     3.6  –  Country Team Approach – Section 28

     3.7  –  Non-Increase of Fees – Sec. 35, RRI LOI 537 (Sec.5)

Salient Features of the Saudi Labor Law


* Saudi Labor Law lRoyal Decree No. M/51 l23 Sha’ban 1426/ 27 September 2005

* Hegira calendar applies unless otherwise stated in the work contract lThe governing text is the Arabic text

* This presentation is intended for guidance of overseas Filipino Workers in the KSA.

Coverage-  all workers except:

  – Domestic Helpers and the like

  – Sea workers on board vessels with a load of    less than 500 tons

  – Non-Saudi workers performing specific task for a period not exceeding 2 months   – ETC. (Art. 7)

 *NULL & VOID- condition that contradicts SLL   including release & settlement of worker’s right  unless more beneficial to the worker ( Art. 8) 

WORK CONTRACT- is  a contract concluded  between an employer and a  worker, whereby  the latter undertakes to work under the management or supervision of the former for a wage. (Art. 50, SLL)

 The work contracts for NON-SAUDIS shall be written and of specified period. Otherwise, the duration of the work permit shall be deemed as the duration of the contract. (Art. 37, SLL)

The  work contract shall primarily include: (Art. 52)

Name of the employer, venue ¡Name & Nationality of the Worker, Identification ¡Wage agreed upon ¡Type and location of work ¡Date of employmentDuration of the contract if fixed, subject to the provisions of Art. 37 (and Art. 55) 

The  work contract shall primarily include: (Art. 52)

*  Name of the employer, venue

* Name & Nationality of the Worker, Identification

*  Wage agreed upon

* Type and location of work

* Date of employment

Duration of the contract if fixed, subject to the provisions of Art. 37 (and Art. 55)


A. Basic Wage – all that is given to the worker for his work by virtue of a written or unwritten work contract, regardless of the kind of wage or its method of payment, in addition to periodic increments.

B. Actual Wage – the basic wage plus other due increments decided for the worker for the effort he exerts at work or for risks he encounters

in performing his, or those decided for the worker for the work under the work contract or work organization regulations.

Includes commission, percentage,  allowances, increments, grant, reward and other privileges. (except, Art. 86 for ESA comp.)

Wage – is the actual wage (Art. 2)



1) Payment of Wage- weekly, monthly or commensurate to work completed. Payment during working hours at the workplace, or in bank with the consent of the worker. (Art. 90)

*Deductions must be with written consent of the

worker except Art. 91, 92 & 93 ( 5 day wage,

10%, 25%, 50%)

* Wrongfully detained in work related cases or

occasioned by it, entitled to 50% of the wage for

180 days max. If acquitted, no evidence or

charge invalid entitled to balance. If convicted,

employer cannot recover. (Art. 97)

2) Working Hours (Art. 98 &99)

   – 8 hrs. per day or 48 hrs. per week  (except managers, guards, intermittent  works by necessity, janitors, etc. Art. 108)

   – 6 hrs. during Ramadan

   – 7 hrs. hazardous, harmful jobs

   – 9 hrs. if worker does not work continuously

    – 10 hrs. exigency cases (Art. 106)

 3.         Rest Periods (Art. 101,102 & 103)

 -30 mins. each for rest, prayer and meals but total working hours shall not exceed 11 hrs.    (except those workers in Art. 108) 

 – not compensable, not under employer’s authority & not required at workplace.     

4.         Weekly Rest Days

            – Friday or any day of the week

            – not convertible to cash

            – full pay ( Art. 104)

            – may be consolidated up to 8 weeks in certain cases (Art. 105)

5.         Overtime (Art. 107)

            – hourly wage plus 50% of basic wage

            – if computed weekly, hours in excess thereof   shall be deemed overtime hours

            – works during holidays and Eids

6.         Vacation Leave (Art. 109)

            – 21 days annual leave

            – increase to 30 days after 5 yrs. in service

            – may not forego or receive cash in lieu

            – employer to notify worker at least 30 days 

            – worker may postpone leave to the following year with employer’s approval

            – employer may postpone leave for 90 days  but further postponement must be with  written consent of worker & shall not  exceed the end of the year following the  year the leave is due. ( Art. 110)

            – worker entitled to payment of accrued days of leave if unused and worker leaves the work. (Art. 111)

7. Other Leave With Pay:

            7.1       Eids leave– full pay(Art. 112)

            7.2       Childbirth leave- 1 day full-pay

            7.3       Marriage leave-         3 days

            7.4       Death leave (spouse, or one of ascendants & descendants)3 days (Art. 113)

            7.5       Hajj leave- 10 to 15 days (at least 2 yrs. in service, one time only) Art. 114

            7.6       Exam leave- actual no. of exam days 1st time- fully paid leave / Repeat- unpaid leave (Art. 115)

8.         Sick leave – continuous or intermittent during a        single year & illness has been proven.

                        – 1st 30 days- full-pay

                        – next 60 days- 75% of wage

                        – following 30 days- no pay (Art. 117)

9.         Open leave- without pay & by agreement of the worker and employer.

            – over 20 days contract deemed suspended unless otherwise agreed (Art. 116) 

10.  Work Injuries & Occupational Disease

Temporary Disability- full wage for 30 1st days 75% for the entire duration of the treatment. Will be considered total disability after 1 yr. or medically determined that chances of  recovery are improbable or physically unfit to work. Contract shall be terminated & worker compensated accordingly (Art. 137)

            Permanent Disability or Death- entitled to three (3) years wages or SAR 54k whichever is higher. (Art. 138)

            *Previous employer also liable proportionately in pre-existing injury or illness (Art. 140)

*Employer not liable:

            – suicide or self inflicted injuries

            – caused by intentional misconduct

            – refuses to be examined by a physician or refuses to accept treatment by   company designated physician w/out valid reason. (Art. 139)

            11.       Medical & Social Benefits

                        – availability of first aid medicines

                        – provision of physician

                        – annual medical exam. Etc

12.  Other Benefits:

            (by law or by contract)           

            -Transportation (Art. 148)

            – Housing

            – board & lodging

            – percentage

            – commission

            – bonus

            – scholarship

            – travel, etc.

13.  Benefits Exclusive for Female Workers:

*   Night Work Prohibition (Art. 150)

* Maternity- 4 weeks before & 6 weeks after. – half wage for worker serving at least 1 year  will be paid half wage for reg. annual leave

– full wage for working at least 3 years. reg. annual leave will be without pay ( Art. 151 & 152)

– Medical care, nursery, etc. ( Art. 153, 159)

– 1 hour add’l rest period (Art. 154)

–  Disciplinary action suspended

–  Death of husband leave- 15 days (Art. 160)

Worker to pay:

* Loss, damage or destruction to employer’s properties through fault or violation of instruction (Art. 91)

* Cost of repatriation if unfit for work & if worker resigns without legitimate reason (Art. 40 p2)

* Pay monetary equivalent if notice requirement in termination cases is not complied (Art. 76)

* Pay indemnity in case of termination for an invalid reason (covers actual, potential material and moral damages ) Art. 77

Worker may not work for his own account  (Art. 39(2) in relation to Art. 233)


– Right to discipline workers- (Art. 66)

– Penalty for repeated violations shall not  be harsher if committed after 180 days   from previous violation (Art. 68)

– No offense for not work-related acts committed outside the workplace (Art. 70)

– max. 5-day wage fine/month or suspension without pay may not exceed 5 days per month (Art. 70)

– Due process in disciplinary cases (Art. 71)

Assignment & Transfer

* Prerogative of the employer

* Worker’s work must be consistent with the work permit (Art. 38)

* May be assigned to other duties up to 30 days year (Art. 60)

* Right to allow transfer to other employer but must comply with legal requirements

* Worker’s new employer bear the fees in transfer of sponsorship (Art. 40 p. 3)

* Not allowed to employ workers of other employers nor allow worker to work for his own account (Art. 39 in relation to Art. 233)

Employer pays:

* Recruitment costs

* Iqama and Work Permit (including renewals & fines for delay)

* Change of profession

* Exit & re-entry visa

* Return ticket at the end of contract

* Repatriation costs of deceased worker & his personal belongings unless interred in the KSA or GOSI undertakes the same (Art. 40)

* TNT employers shoulder repat cost (Art.233)

  • Others agreed upon in the work contract

 ** Sale, transfer & assignment of company

  • New employer to give the same rights & privileges. Both employers are jointly and severally liable. The same applies in case of multiple employers (Art. 11)
  • Old & present owner may agree that rights of workers be transferred to new owner with the written consent of the worker. Otherwise, worker may request for termination of contract & collect his dues from his employer (Art. 18)
  • In case of bankruptcy or liquidation, amount due to worker is first rate privileged debts & worker paid an expedited 1 month wage prior to payment of any expenses (Art. 19) 

Work contract is deemed terminated in the following cases:

1)      Expiration of the term or period of contract and the worker express his intention not to renew it;

2)      Force majeure;

3)      Death of the worker;

4)      Death of employer in certain cases;

5)      When the workers attain the age of retirement;

6)      Total disability of worker to perform work; and

7)      Pre-termination of contract by either party.

Pre-termination includes the following:

* If both parties agree to terminate the contract, provided that the worker’s consent be in writing.

* Upon the request of one of the two parties in case of contract of unspecified term.

* Termination by the employer or worker for authorized causes;

* Resignation by worker;

*  Serious illness of worker resulting in long  absence from  work;

* Bankruptcy, dissolution and authorized shutdown of employer’s business, and other cases. (Arts. 74,77, 79 , 80, 81, 82 ).


1.   Worker assaults the employer, manager-in-charge or any of his superiors;

2.   Failure to fulfill the essential obligations of the contract, or obey legitimate orders, or deliberately fails to observe employer’s legitimate instructions despite written warnings;

3.   Misconduct or act infringing on honesty or integrity;

4. Deliberately causes material loss, provided employer reports the incident to the authorities w/in 24 hrs. from discovery;

5. Worker resorts to forgery in order to obtain the job;

6. Worker is hired on probation;

7. Absence without valid reason for more than 20 days in 1 yr. or for more than 10 consecutive days subject to written warning by employer after 10 days of  absence in the first case and five days in the second case;

8. Unlawfully taking advantage of his position for personal gain;

9. Disclosures of work-related industrial or commercial secrets. (Art. 80 )

*Worker forfeits ESA & termination award

1.   Non-fulfillment of employer’s obligations;

2.   Employer resorts to fraud at the time of contracting with respect to the work conditions & circumstances;

3.   Employer assign the worker, without his consent, to perform work essentially different from the work agreed upon and contrary to the Art. 60 of SLL;

4.   Employer, a family member or the manager in-charge commits a violent assault or an immoral act against the worker or any of his family members;

5.   Employer’s treatment is characterized by cruelty, injustice or insult;

6.   Existence of serious hazard known to employer which threatens the safety or health of worker and failed to take necessary action;

7.   Employer or his representative through his actions & particularly his unjust treatment, or violation of the terms of the contract, has caused worker to appear as the party terminating the contract. (Art. 81)

*Worker is entitled to all his statutory rights

5.   Employer’s treatment is characterized by cruelty, injustice or insult;

6.   Existence of serious hazard known to employer which threatens the safety or health of worker and failed to take necessary action;

7.   Employer or his representative through his actions & particularly his unjust treatment, or violation of the terms of the contract, has caused worker to appear as the party terminating the contract. (Art. 81)

*Worker is entitled to all his statutory rights

END of Service Award:

1.   Finished Contract or Pre-Termination With Cause by Worker

      – ½ month wage for each of the first 5 yrs.

      – 1 month wage for each year after 5 yrs.

2.   By Resignation

– 1/3 month wage for each of first 5 yrs. provided worker in service for at least 2 yrs.

– 2/3 month wage after 5 yrs. to 10 yrs.

– 1 month wage after 10 yrs.

  * No Award for valid cause of termination by employer

  * basis of computation is the last wage

  * fraction of the year is to be computed proportionately


Length of Service            : 10 yrs. & 6 mos

Position                 : Mechanic

Basic Salary                     : SAR 1500

Allowances                       : SAR 500


Actual Wage ( LMAW ): SAR 2000 

( basis for the computation of the ESA )

FORMULA: ( FC ) 10 yrs. & 6 mos. LS                      


1st five year          : LMAW / 2 * LS = ESA                 

                                2000 / 2 = 1000 * 5 yrs. = 5000 ( ESA)

Above five years  : LMAW * LS = ESA                      

                                2000 * 5 yrs. = 10,000 ( ESA )

For fraction of the year:

ESA for one year / 12 * no of months                          

2000 / 12 * 6 =  1000

6 mos. 2000 / 12 = 166.66 * 6 = 1000

Total ESA for 10 yrs & 6 mos. 5000+10000+1000= SAR 16,000


Worker is also entitled for ESA for the fraction of month.


ESA for one month / 30 * no. of days     


15 days                                                                 

166.66 / 30 * 15 = ESA

5.55 * 15 = 83.33 ( ESA for 15 days )

FORMULA: ( PT / WOC ) by the worker ( Resignation )                 

                              3 stages                                  

1- 1st five year                  : LMAW / 2  / 3 * LS = ESA 

                                            2000 / 2 / 3 * 5 = 1666.66

                                            1000 / 3 = 333.33 * 5 = 1666.66 ( ESA)

2- Above five years                       : LMAW / 3*2* LS = ESA    

    & below ten years           2000 / 3 * 2 * 4yrs. = 5333.33 ( ESA )

      :                                     666.66 * 2 =1333.33 * 4 = 5333.33

3- Ten Yrs & above                       : LMAW * LS = ESA

                                            2000 * 1 = 2000 ( ESA)

For fraction of the year:

ESA for one year / 12 * no of months                 

2000 / 12 * 6 =  1000

6 mos. 2000 / 12 = 166.66 * 6 = 1000 ( ESA for 6 mos.)

Total ESA for 10 yrs & 6 mos. 1666.66+5333.33+2000 + 1000 = 10,000.00


Internal (within the company)

l  Personal

l  Written            (Art. 72, 91)

l  Arbitration/Grievance Machinery (Contract)

External (outside the company)

            PE POLO-OWWA (Sec. 23(b) RA 8042)

            Saudi Labor Office

            Primary Commission

            High Commission (Art. 210 to 228)

* Jurisdiction (Art. 214)

* Venue (Art. 220)


INTERNAL (within the company)

* Offense– After 30 days from discovery (Art. 69)

* Penalty– After 30 days after investigation & establishment of worker’s guilt (Art. 69)

* Grievances- After 15 days (Art. 91p.2)

* Employer- from discovery of the occurrence

* Worker- from date of notification by employer

Decision- within 15 days from receipt (Art. 72)

Saudi Labor Office, PCSD & HCSD

* Claim of Rights under SLL & Work Contract- After 12 mos. following termination of the work relation. (Art. 222 p. 1)

* Violations of SLL or Regulations & Decisions issued thereunder- After 12 mos. following the date of occurrence of the violation. (Art. 222p.3)

IV. Post Employment

4.1  – Repatriation – Section 15 / 16

* Primary Responsibility – Section 15, Section 52 IRR

* No Fault Determination – Section 53 IRR

* Repatriation Procedure – Section 54 IRR

* Action on Non-Compliance – Section 55 IRR

* Emergency Repatriation – Section 56 IRR

* Mandatory Repat. Of Underage OFW – Sec.16, Sec.57 IRR

* Other Cases of Repatriation – Section 58 IRR

* ERF – Section 59 IRR

 4.2  – Prohibition on Bonds & Deposits – Section 60, IRR

V. Remedies

5.1   Administrative

– POEA, Section 28, IRR/  Illegal Recruitment – Section 14, IRR

5.2  Civil

 –  NLRC /    Section 10, R.A. 8042

 –  NCMB, Art. 260, 261 & 262, Labor Code

5.3  Criminal

–  Appropriate court/tribunal of receiving country (for crimes committed thereat)

 –  Regional Trial Court

–  Illegal Recruitment – Section 6 /  ULP – Art. 248 & 249, LC


    6.1   Family Laws & Status (Applicability)

Marriage (Effects of Nullity, Annulment and Legal    separation)

            Art. 26, 36, 37, 38, 45 & 55, Family Code

Property Relations (Conjugal; Absolute Community,           

 Marriage Settlement by Separation of Property, Live-in Relationship (Art. 147) & Bigamous Marriages (Art. 148)

 – Obligation & Support ( Art. 194, 195, 196, 197, 198)

Necessities: Sustenance, Dwelling, Clothing, Medical  Attendance, Education & Transportation

 – Paternity & Filiation (Art. 164, 165, 167, 168 , 169)

 Children born during marriage are legitimate even if the       mother declares otherwise or guilty of adultery

–  Legitimacy must be impugn during (1, 2, 3yrs) R.A. 9262 – Anti

– Violence Against Women  & Their Children Act

Acts    : Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Sexual & Economic

           Protection:  BPO, TPO, PPO, etc.

Coverage:  married or not; living in or not; dating    relationship; common law and even lesbian relationship

 Employer    to send financial support direct to beneficiaries

 R.A. 9208 – Anti – Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003 (Transnational Crime)


(1) Acts or Series of Acts

(2) Means Employed

(3) Exploitative Purpose

R.A. 7877 – Anti – Sexual Harassment

Committed by  mere utterance or even w/ consent    

R.A. 9225 – Citizenship Retention & Reacquisition Act  (“Dual Citizenship”)

– By taking oath of allegiance

– Usually availed of for convenience

R.A. 9189 – Overseas Absentee Voting Act

– Coverage:   18 yrs. up to vote for Pres, VP, Senators & Party List

– Registration: Period; Requirements; Appeals

-Voting:   Period; Personal or By Mail  (Canvassing & Appreciation of Ballots)

R.A. 9160 (as amended by R.A. 9194)

Anti – Money Laundering Act (AMLA)

– Creation of Anti-Money Laundering Council  (AMLC)

            Ceiling:    P500k or equivalent in foreign currency

–           Suspicious transaction or series of transactions

–          covered even if less then P500k

Basis:       Underlying predicate crime (proceeds of illegal gambling: graft & corruption; frauds, etc.)     

Penalizes: Launderer; remittance facility (by participation, negligence or  failure to report); others who have  knowledge but failed to report & malicious reporting

Reverse Money Laundering (use for terrorism, etc.)



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  1. Good day po.. Tanong ko lang po about sa end of contract dito sa ksa.. Hindi napo ako mag rerenew mag 2yr napo ako this coming June 24 2015… Problema po.. Hindi po sila basta basta nagpapa uwi pag exit po ang worker sa company nmin.. Bagkos ini stock po sa villa ng 1to2months.. Bago makauwi.. Mas prepare po nila ang vacation kesa exit.. Kaso po ayoko napo dito dahil sa Hindi magandang pamamalagad ng management nmin.. Nagpasa po ako ng exit letter 3mos before end of my contract kaso binabali wala lng po nila… Ano po gagawin ko para makauwi po ako agad.. At di ako mahirapan pag hintay ng ticket ko upang di po umabot ng 1or2months stock kakahintay ng process po… Pls help po salamat po

    • Maganda po ang ginawa ninyo na sumulat kayo ng maaga. Ang notice po ba na ginawa nyo ay may acknowledgment na nataggap ng inyong HR? Kailangan po ito upang may pruweba kung sakali man na humantong ang time na mag complain ka sa Min. of Labor.

      Tungkol naman po sa madaliang pag-uwi, ang employer po ay may karapatan na humingi ng extension sa araw na iyong hiningi na makauwi kung ito ay may valid reason.

      Sa usaping marumi ang kapaligiran, dapat po ay noon pa kayo nag complain dahil ito ay bibigyan ng pansin ng Labor Ministry through endorsement ng local government unit nila called “Baladiyah” or Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. Kung ini-report mo ito noon pa, siguro nabigyan ito ng agarang pansin ng Saudi authorities dahil bawal po ang ganitong kapaligaran sa mga expats workers.

  2. Good evening sir bong,

    tanung ko lang po kung anu po ba dapat ko gawin?.. my father passed away this morning and humingi po ako ng emergency sa company pero sabi nila eh baka hindi aprubahan dahil walang papalit sa pwesto ko.. anu po ba dapat ko gawin? tsaka isa pa po tapos na din po pala ang kontrata ko at ininform ko sila na mag rerenew ako pero hanggang ngaun po e wala ako na tatanggap na new contract ung contract po ko po e nag expired nung may 8

    waiting for your response.

    • Kung ang kontrata ay tapos na at gusto mo pong magbakasyon at babalik uli, ibig sabihin po automatic renewal na po ito in the absence of a new contract. Pero kung gusto mong humingi ng bagong kasulatan, puwede mo itong e-request sa inyong HR bago ka uuwi or sa iyong muling pagbalik.

      Condolence po! Tnugkol naman po sa usaping ito na kayo po namatayan at eksakto naman na tapos na ang inyong kontrata puwede mo pong e-push ang management na uuwi ka dahil namatayan kayo at in time naman sa inyong bakasyon. Makiusap na lang po kayo, siguro naman po pagbbigyan ka ng inyong employer.

  3. Sir Bong,

    Akin pong napag-alaman na wala po ang ating dating Labor Attache and Head of Office in Riyadh Mr. Albert Valenciano. Sino pa po pwde namin lapitan? Before po sabi nyo pwde rin po si Mr. Romeo Pablo our Welfare Officer meron po ba kayong mobile number ni Mr. Romeo Pablo we need his assistant ASAP kung meron po kayong contact details nya paki PM na lang po sakin

    Maraming salamat po sa walang sawa nyong pagtulong sa ating mga kababayan…

    Thanks and best regards,

    Roderick Bubalbas

    • Rod,

      Try to look for Labor Attache Antonio Villafuerte, pakisabi pinapunta ko kayo sa kanya. Diko alam kung naalala pa niya ako but anyway lapitan po ninyo. Kung wala siya doon, puntahan nyo si Maam Mimah or Maam Lita, makikita nyo sila sa opsina ni Labatt Valenciano. Daanan nyo na rin si Welof Pablo.



  4. Sir Bong,

    Kung natapos ba ang initial contract ko (which is two-year contract), dapat b mgtender ulit yung company ng new contract o ayus lang na tuluy tuloy lang yung employment ko even without a new one? will i be having a problem if this will be the case?

    Best regards,


    • Tuloy tuloy po ang inyong kontrata kung wala po kayong pinirmahan na iba. Pero dapat pong tingnan ninyo ang nakapaloob sa inyong kontrata. Check the Duration of Contract portion, usually po nakasulat dito: It maybe renewed for similar period. However, pag automatic renewal po, ito po ay maging “indefinite contract”.

      Pakibasa lamang po ang nasa ibaba:

      Article 55 Saudi Labor Law.

      1. The fixed-term contract shall terminate upon expiration of its term. If the two parties continue to implement it, it shall be deemed renewed for an indefinite period of time, subject to the provisions of Article (37) of this Law for non-Saudi workers.

      2. If the fixed-term contract incorporates a clause providing for its renewal for a similar term or a specified term, the contract shall be renewed for the period agreed upon. If the contract is renewed for two consecutive terms or if the original contract term and the renewal period amount to three years, whichever is less, and the two parties continue to implement it, the contract shall become an indefinite term contract.

  5. Good Day Sir!

    First of all, i’d like to heartily commend this blog for all the wonders, the help and the morale-boosting deed it does for all Filipinos troubled with their own plights in the Kingdom. The information and advice we get from you is free and so i could only pray that you continue your noble act of helping those in great deal of misery right now even if you get nothing in return. Thank you for that. God pays a thousand folds to good people with nothing in mind but to help.

    I hope you could spare me a fraction of your time by hearing out my own trouble and write a little response pertinent to my case. Sir, I am a Registered Nurse working in a clinic. Just recently, the clinic was surrendered to a new management who signed a contract to rent the whole facility. Therefore, we are currently subjected to a new management (not our sponsor) who has failed to pay our monthly remuneration EVER SINCE they took office, that is 2 months and 10 days as we speak. The last salary we received was from the previous management. We spent the Eid vacation with literally nothing in our pockets. And if not for the baqala’s good nature of allowing us credits, we will have nothing to eat. We sought help from our sponsors. We sought help from the previous mudir. We sought help from our Filipino agent and until now, we are still seeking help with no promise of action. For the previous months since we arrived in Riyadh (exactly 1 year & 6 months), we have been submitted to salary delays 3 weeks at most, unpaid overtime and area assignment not in a nurse’s capacity. We didn’t complain because somehow, the old management was at least kind people only with deficit problems. But this time, the new management couldn’t care less if our stomachs’ raving of hunger, if our throats run dry of thirst, if our families in the Philippines resort to whatever drastic means just to augment finances. These mudirs don’t even show up at work. They just call and keep promising fictional dates, dates that have been changed a hundred times. We made a letter signed by everyone that if they fail to give our salary at the last promised date they indicated, we will stop working until they are able to pay us. The letter was accepted. But until now, there is no news of this elusive salary. We have rendered consideration numerous times, even revoking the letter and continuing to work unpaid after not coming for a week in the hopes that they will pay us. All in vain.

    Sir, if I go to my sponsor and ask for resignation, or pre-mature termination of my contract or release, or whatever you call it, what are the chances or stakes? I can’t continue working in this kind of unhealthy environment when you’ve almost lost your respect and trust for your mudirs. Four doctors have already resigned (from different sponsors) and one receptionist. Almost all that’s left are we, the Filipino nurses. Sir, i want to approach my sponsor and ask for termination. Do you think he will grant it? Should I gather up my courage and approach him? I want to transfer to a hospital which is more stable and they are asking that I be released from my sponsor. Sir, please enlighten me if I have the right to be granted release and if I need to repay my sponsor monetarily, granting they release me. Thank you very much. (pls forgive my long tale of trouble).

    • Dear Ms. Barredo,

      Marami pong salamat sa inyong liham. Ang mga katagang una po ninyong binitawan ay nakapagbigay energy sa isang katulad ko pong nag-iisa sa boluntaryong pagtulong sa ating mga kahanay na nais mabigyang kasagotan ang kanilang mga katanongan. At dahil nga po isa rin po akong OFW na katulad ninyo, hindi ko po talaga mabigyan ng oras ang lahat ng mga liham dahil nga po sa ako ay may trabaho rin na dapat gampanan.

      Huwag po sana ninyong bigyan kahulugan ang aking kasagotan sa salitang tagalog dahil medyo po naiilang ako na sagotin kayo ng English dahil baka po magkamali ang aking grammar. Na notice ko po kasi na you’re very fluent in English, siguro po aside bilang nurse teacher rin po kayo ng English subject dahil sa akin pong nakikita, akma po lahat na mga grammar ang mga katagang English na inyong binitiwan.

      Napahaba yata ang aking introduction.

      Ang inyo pong problema ay makikita po sa probisyon ng Batas Paggawa na inyong makikita sa ibaba. Ito po ang Saudi Labor Law Article 18:

      If the ownership of a firm is transferred to a new owner or a change takes place in its legal form through merger, partition or otherwise, the work contracts shall remain in force in both cases and service shall be deemed continuous. As for workers’ rights accrued for the period prior to the change such as wages or unrealized end- of- service award on the date of transfer of ownership and other rights, the predecessor and the successor shall be jointly and severally liable. However, in the case of transfer of ownership of individual firms, for any reason, the predecessor and the successor may agree to transfer all the previous rights of the worker to the new owner with the written consent of the worker. If the worker disapproves, he may request the termination of his contract and collect his dues from the predecessor.”

      Sa nakikita ko sa inyong sulat, at kung hindi ako nagkakamali, ito po ba ay trnasfer of ownership? At ayon po sa batas malinaw po na ang paglilipat ng pagmamay-ari ng mga indibidwal na mga kumpanya, para sa anumang kadahilanan, ang dating may-ari ay maaaring sumang-ayon na ilipat ang lahat ng mga nakaraang mga karapatan ng mga manggagawa sa bagong may-ari na may nakasulat na pahintulot ng manggagawa. Kung ang manggagawa ay tumanggi, maaaring siyang humiling ng pagwawakas ng kanyang kontrata at kolektahin or singlin ang mga naiwang bayarin sa dating may-ari nito.

      Malinaw po na kung walang pahintulot or pag-sang ayon ng mangagawa ang palipat nila sa bagong may-ari, karapatan po ninyo na wakasan ang kontrata na namagitan sa inyo ng dati po ninyong employer. Samakatuwid, wala po kayong obligasyon na bayaran ang inyong employer kahit hindi po ninyo tinapos ang pinirmahang kontrata.

      Kaya lamang kung gusto po ninyong wakasan ang kontrata kailangan po ninyo ng guide or someone that could help or assist you in doing so para bigyan ng aksyon ang inyong request. Kung kayo lamang po ang hihingi or lalapit sa inyong dating employer tungkol sa usaping ito, siguro naman po hindi kayo pakikinggan. Ngunit kung may taong matatawag natin na authorize or may persona to assist you – like our Philippine Overseas Labor Office or POLO, siguro naman po mabibigyan ng pansin ito ng inyong dating employer.

      Tungkol naman po sa release, wala po sa batas na obligado itong gawin ng employer and besides a release may only be granted to those expatriate na may sobrang dalawang taon na sa kanyang employer. Pero bakit hindi ninyo subukan? Papayag man ito, dadaan ka parin sa kanilang proseso. Secondly, ang release po ay nasa diskresyon lamang ng employer kung ibigay ito sa worker or hindi.

      Kung kayo po ay nasa Jeddah, lapitan po ninyo ang ating Labor Attache doon na si Atty. Cabe. Kung nandito naman po kayo sa Riyadh, lapitan po ninyo si Labor Attache Antonio Villafuerte, bago pa lamang ito sa Riyadh pero malalapitan po ninyo or di kaya si WelOf Pablo. Kung nandiyan naman kayo sa Al Khobar, hanapin po ninyo si Labor Attache Musa.

      Sa ngayon ang maipapayo ko po sa inyo, huwag po kayong huminto sa trabaho dahil kapag gawin ninyo ito, maaring maging dahilan pa ito sa lalong mas malalang problema. Iwasan po ang init ng ulo, idaan sa tamang lugar ang lahat ng aksyon at huwag pa-dalos dalos ng mga desisyon. And most important huwag po kayong tumakas at makitira sa inyong mga mahal sa puso dahil kung kayo po ay mahuli na walang waraga or papeles bilang mag-asawa at makulong, wala na po akong maibibigay na payo sa inyo. Matutulongan po kayo ng ating Embahada pero mananaig ang proseso ng batas-kaharian bago po kayo mailabas ng ating Embahada or Gobyerno.

      Kaya ingat lamang po. Sabi ng mga Pinoy patungkol sa init ng KSA, mainit daw po dito sa Saudi Arabia pero kung INIT NG KATAWAN or init ng ulo ng tao ang pag-uusapan, mas mainit po ito kaysa init ng araw sa Gitnang Silangan.



  6. Sir, good day po.

    Our company is one of the contractors in Saudi Telecom Company (STC).
    I’m new here in KSA since Feb 2012.
    I signed a contract as a DSL technician but my job here FIBER OPTIC technician.
    Also the profession written in my IQAMA is GENERAL CLEANER.

    I’m just wondering maybe our salary is bigger because different job category or maybe our company lied to us…

    What should I do? Do I have to complain?

    Hoping for your reply, thanks.


    • Nan,

      Ilagay na natin na tama ka sa iyong kutob. Pero matanong kita, alam ba ninyo na ang pagdating nyo dito iba ang trabaho kaysa pinirmahan ninyong kontrata? Di ba kayo aware na ang inyong profession sa visa ay General Cleaner? Kaya ko lang nasabi ito dahil may mga agency na sinasabi ang totoo at depende sa worker kung itutuloy niya ang pag accept sa Job Offer. Dahil kung aware kayo, dapat lamang po na ang agency na ito ay may pinaprimahang dokumento sa inyo na nakasaad doon na alam or aware kayo sa mangyayari sa inoy pagdating sa site.

      Ang cleaner po dito sa KSA ay nagsasahod lamang ng mga 800 to 1K. Masuwerte na kung mag ka 1 K ang sahod. Hindi ko lang alam kung magkano ang sahod ng DSL and Fiver Optic Technician.



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