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The Constitution of the Philippines vests judicial power in one Supreme Court and such lower courts as may be established by law. [Section 1, Art. VIII, 1987 Constitution). The Supreme Court is composed of one Chief Justice and fourteen Associate Justices, all of whom are appointed by the President from a list of recommendees presented by the Judicial and Bar Council.

 The members of the Supreme Court serve during good behavior until they reach the age of 70 or unless removed by impeachment for any of the grounds provided by the Constitution. 

The Court sits either en banc or in divisions of three, five or seven members.


January 22, 2016 - Alfredo Benjamin Sabater Caguioa the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, replacing retired Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr.

January 22, 2016 – Alfredo Benjamin Sabater Caguioa the newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, replacing retired Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr.


G.R. No. 145587  ( Dismissal )

Upon arrival in Riyadh, Gran questioned the discrepancy in his monthly salary—his employment contract stated USD 850.00; while his Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) Information Sheet indicated USD 600.00 only. However, through the assistance of the EDI office in Riyadh, OAB agreed to pay Gran USD 850.00 a month.  read more>>>>>> 

G.R. 152214 ( Bangungot

On September 16, 2000, Manny dela Rosa Razon, a native of Lemery, Batangas and an overseas Filipino worker, died of acute cardiac arrest while asleep at the dormitory of the Samsong Textile Processing Factory in South Korea. Informed thereof, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) at South Korea immediately relayed the incident to the Philippine Embassy in South Korea. Forthwith, the [Labor] Attaché of the Philippine Embassy dispatched a letter to Eleuterio N. Gardiner, administrator of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). The letter reads:  read more>>>>>> 

G.R. No. 177100 ( Cholecystolithiasis )

This case is about a Filipino seafarer’s claim for disability benefits from cholecystolithiasis or gallstone that was discovered when he suffered excruciating pain while working on board an ocean-going vessel, an illness that was not in the list of compensable diseases listed in the standard seafarer’s contract that he signed with the vessel owner. read more>>>>>>  

G. R. No. 177948 (Suntok-Illegal Dismissal

While on board, the master of the vessel gave respondent orders which he could not understand; thus, he failed to obey him. Consequently, enraged at not being obeyed, the master struck him, hitting the right dorsal part of his body. He then requested medical assistance, but the master refused.[7] Hence, he sought the help of petitioner Lolita Uy (the manning agency owner), who then talked to the master of the vessel. read more>>>>>>> 

G.R. Nos. 182978-79 ( Lason )

On January 6, 1997, Jasmin Cuaresma (Jasmin) was deployed by Becmen Service Exporter and Promotion, Inc.2 (Becmen) to serve as assistant nurse in Al-Birk Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), for a contract duration of three years, with a corresponding salary of US$247.00 per month.

Over a year later, she died allegedly of poisoning.  read more>>>>>> 

G.R. No. 191425 ( Add Wife…Have Life )

Jesusa Pinat Nollora testified that she and accused Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. met in Saudi Arabia while she was working there as a Staff Midwife in King Abdulah Naval Base Hospital. Atilano O. Nollora, Jr. courted her and on April 6, 1999, they got married at the [IE]MELIF Chruch [sic] in Sapang Palay, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. read more>>>>>  

G.R. No. 179532 – ( Scrapped )

Claudio S. Yap was employed as electrician of the vessel, M/T SEASCOUT on 14 August 2001 by Intermare Maritime Agencies, Inc. in behalf of its principal, Vulture Shipping Limited.  The contract of employment entered into by Yap and Capt. Francisco B. Adviento, the General Manager of Intermare, was for a duration of 12 months.  On 23 August 2001, Yap boarded M/T SEASCOUT and commenced his job as electrician.  However, on or about 08 November 2001, the vessel was sold.  The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) was informed about the sale on 06 December 2001 in a letter signed by Capt. Adviento.  Yap, along with the other crewmembers, was informed by the Master of their vessel that the same was sold and will be scrapped.  They were also informed about the Advisory sent by Capt. Constatinou, which states, among others:  read more>>>>>> 

G.R. No. 163657 – (Retrenchment)

Due to the considerable decrease in the work requirements of Saudi Aramco, Petrocon was constrained to reduce its personnel that were employed as piping designers, instrument engineers, inside plant engineers, etc., which totaled to some 73 personnel, one of whom was respondent.

Thus, on June 1, 1998, Petrocon gave respondent a written notice[5] informing the latter that due to the lack of project works related to his expertise, he is given a 30-day notice of termination, and that his last day of work with Petrocon will be on July 1, 1998.  Petrocon also informed respondent that all due benefits in accordance with the terms and conditions of his employment contract will be paid to respondent, including his ticket back to the Philippines. read more>>>>>>>>

G.R. No. 100399  ( Buntis )

Besides, it has not been shown by petitioner that a negative result in a pregnancy test was a prerequisite for employment or that if the private respondent would get pregnant, her employment would be terminated. Neither was it proven that the latter misrepresented that she was not pregnant at the time and that such misrepresentation, if it existed, amounted to fraud which induced the petitioner or its foreign principal to hire her, thereby giving them the right to have the employment contract annulled pursuant to Article 1330, in relation to Article 1338, of the Civil Code.  read more>>>>

More in the days to come ………

OFWempowerment Blog  conveys our heartfelt thanks to the following sources:

1)  The Philippine Supreme Court Decisions 

2) The LAWPhil Project of Arellano Law Foundation

3)  CHAN, ROBLES Virtual Law Library 

167 thoughts on “Supreme Court OFW Cases

  1. Gusto ko po sana hindi na lang ituloy ang kontrata ko 2 taon naka 1 taon at 2 buwan na ko ngayon.. ang problema 8 buwan na kami wala salary at hindi rin nasunod yung nakasulat sa kontrata na free housing at salary.. ano po maganda gawin? salamat po.dito po kami sa saudi riyadh.

    • Sana po noon pa ninyo ito idinulog sa POLO office para hindi umabot ng 8 buwan ang palya ng employer sa pagbibigay sa inyo ng sahod. Huwag munang mag resign humingi ng tulong sa ating POLO office at may karapatan kang singilin ang employer sa nabinbin na mga sahod. Gawin sa tahimik at mahinahon na paraan upang hindi lalong mapag-initan ng employer.

      Article 61. 1 In addition to the duties provided for in this Law and the regulations and decisions issued for its implementation, the employer shall be required to:

      1. Refrain from using the worker without pay and shall not, without a judicial instrument, withhold the worker’s wages or any part thereof.

  2. hi sir ask ko lng s problema regarding dun sa religion dati po aq roman catholic tapos ngapply po aq ng work s saudi tapos ngpaconvert po aq sa islam ung agency nrin po ang ngayus nun oma ko at sa makkah kc aq na assyn ng trabaho kc muslim po ang pede mkapasok dun, tapos nakauwi n po aq ng pinas kala ko po d n aq babalik ulit s saudi ngpakasal po aq sa roman catholic at problema po dun ay kung babalik p po b ako s saudi at nalaman n dati aq muslin n tas naging katoliko ndi b delikado un anu po ang ma aadvise nio sakin. sabi po kc nila mgaapear dw po s system nila mga data mo kung san k nanggaling. natatakot po kc aq bka my mangyari po sakin masama. slamat po s reply.

    • Ang pagbabalik Islam ay isang desisyon na galing sa puso na siyang dapat paninindigan. Ang pagpapakasal sa katoliko after you converted to Islam ay isang kasalanan ayon sa sa Holy Book of Quran.

      Now, the question is puwede ka bang bumalik sa Saudi bilang isang katoliko? Kung ikaw ay nag balik islam sa Saudi Arabia, naka record na po ito sa kanilang registry lalo na po na ikaw ay sa Makkah dati naka lokasyon. Ibig sabihin, dapat kang bumalik sa KSA bilang isang Muslim at hindi bilang isang Katoliko.

      Payo ko po, puntahan po ninyo ang National Commission on Muslim Filipinos at isangguni ang iyong concern.

      79 Jocfer Annex Bldg. Commonwealth
      Avenue, Quezon City

  3. My name is rhona working as a cleaner in one hospital im ine of the hundred employee of TAMIMI GLOBAL assign here in jeddah and i want to ask and advice regarding our salary . We are all recieving below 1000sr actually only 600sr . basic salary .. INn philippines we sign a 1575 our agency that approved by PEOA so they can issue a visa. but when here in our company they gave us another paper which stated that our salary is 600sr only.. The 1575 is not honored that is faked by Excell Agency in the phillippines so they can get the visa. This letter in behalf of all my colleague we are complaining Bout and salary which we beleived its underpair.. and our passport is still in the company.

    Sincerly yours

    • Let your colleague write a formal letter complaint addressed to the following:

      Hon. Administrator Leo Hans Cacdac
      Phil. Overseas Employment Administration

      C/O Marian Huevos
      Executive Assistant Staff
      Office of the Administrator
      Phil. Overseas Employment Administration

      Your letter must mentioned about all your complaint against the employer and the recruitment agency, if possible numbered it 1 to 2 and so on. Also indicate in the letter the exact name of the company or employer together with the name of the head of the Personnel Dept and or the Manager, contact numbers, cp’s and land line numbers and office address or company/hospital address. Same with the name of the agency, address, contact numbers and name of the manager/owner.

      After narrating all the complaint details, please put the complete name of all the OFW complainant, CP numbers, please no aliasis or aka. Have it signed by name, scan it and send to the following by email: (POEA Admin. Executive Assistant Staff )

      copy furnished: Labor Attache Jainal Rasul, Jr., the email addy is: and or

      and to me .

      If the complainant has supporting documents to prove their complaint, please have it attached too in the email.


  4. Sir

    Pwede po ba humingi ng tulong. Yung asawa ko po ai nka kulong ngayon sa dubai jail run away case po ang kanyang kaso. Ano po bah pwede namin gawin para ma pa uwi sya at dna mag tagal sa loob. At ano po vah processo nila para ma pa uwi yung asawa ko sa pinas.
    Salamat po sir

    • Una po sa lahat makipag-ugnayan sa ating Embahada dahil sila po ang dapat lapitan ng mga OFW or mga Filipinos sa bansang Dubai na nakakulong. Secondly, our Philippine Embassy through ANS or Assistance to National Section or Unit ay siya pong may jurisdiction sa kaso po ng mga OFWs na nakulong sa ibang bansa. Sa Dubai po, ang mga nakakulong na may pending case ay mahaba ang proseso kaya dapat bisitahan ang Embahada ANS upang maisakaso at me-ereport agad ang tungkol sa pagkabilanggo ng isang OFW.

  5. hi gud day po. ganito po ang ngyari sa amin. Nung ngapply po kmi sa Pilipinas ang inapplyan po nmin ay waitress..ang nkapost pa po sa workabroad na available job ay waitress.. pero po nung nkapgbayad na po kmi ng placement fee at nung nsa airport na po kmi ay ang nkalagay po sa papers na hawak namin ay general cleaning worker. ngaun po andto na po kmi sa Qatar, ang sbi po nmn sa employer nmn ay waitress po ang inapplyan nmn na job sa pilipinas. Ang sbi nia general cleaning ang first work at 2 nd work ay waitress.. ngaun po abg ngyayari gnito. parang on call po kmi na waitress..pag my kylngan po na waitress ung mga hotel and foodchain pinapadala po kmi. At pag wla nmn pong twag ay gngwa kming cleaner. Legal po ba ito? At pag tumatanggi po kmi maglinis ng bahay ng mga arabo ay ngcucut salary po cla sa amin. wla pa po kming national id ay pingttrabaho na kmi.

    • Tawagan po ninyo ang mga numerong ito at idulog agad ang inyong problema:

      Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Trunk line (+974) 4488-4485; 4486 1220; 4486 8001.

  6. Hingi po ako ng advice, nakulong po Tiyahin ko sa Buraimi Oman, nagtourist lang po sya don at pinalad magkatrabaho pero po pinagbintangan sya ng kanyang Amo na papatayin nya daw ang kanyang alaga at pinagnakawan pa daw kaya sya nakulong, ngunit sa tulong po ng mga kapwa pinay nakalaya po sya, ngunit hinabol po sya ng kanyang amo at nagkunwaring makikipag areglo pero yun pala may binabalak n naman na masama kaya pati yung tumulong pinakulong din. Ano pong magagawa ng ating embahada sa ganitong sitwasyon? hindi po sya member ng owwa. Ano po ba ang dapat naming gawin? Hinihingan kami ng Police sa Buraimi Oman ng 5K Rial para makalaya, mahigit kalahating milyon po yun, Lumapit kami sa Embahada natin sa Oman pero wala pong aksyon na ginagawa

    • Kung nakulong po ang iyong tiyahin may kasalanan man o wala ay dapat pong tulongan ng ating Embahada. Sa iyong sulat, sabi mo dumulog na siya sa ating Embassy sa Oman, ibig pong sabihin nakatimbre na po ang kanayang situwasyon. Ang kaso po ng inyong tiyahin ay nasa Assistance to National Section ng ating Embassy. Subukan po ninyong makipag ugnayan sa ANS at alaamin kung na po ang status ng inyong tiyahin.

  7. Sir tanong ko lng po kung dapat ko po bang byaran lahat ng ngastos ng employer ko saken sa pagpunta ko dito sa riydh… nag away po kasi kmi ng employer ko.. papauwiin na daw po nya ako s pinas at babayaran ko lahat ng nagastos niya sa binawasan niya po sahod ko..pwede po ba yun?hindi ko po kasi alam ang batas dito sa riyadh… sana po masagot niyo ktanungan ko sir… maramingsalamat po

  8. Hi Sir, sorry to leave a comment here on a different issue. Im so helpless and don’t know what to do. I have a friend who got an hiv. He wants to go home but he is a run away for 7 years and his papers for rectification is on process. But we just want him to go home safely and we dont know what to do. What are the process as
    per his status. Im so affected and has been sleepless. Please advise.

  9. Hello Sir/maam, sorry po di ko po alam pano mgpost prpoerly sa thread na to.

    Ako po si Larry Enriquez, ofw sa saudi. Naaksidente po ako during weekend off work po.. Car accident.. May fractured bone aq sa left hand needed to be operated po as per doctor sa sa saudi, ung class po ng health card na binigay nila is di po recognized most of the hospitals na pinuntahan ko, kaya personal ko po binayaran lahat including consultation.

    Hindi po ako tinulungan ng employer ko for medication/assistance po, nagask po aq ng sick leave umuwi aq ng pinas for cheaper medication. Dpat po bang sagutin ng employer/agency ko Ang medical expenses ko or other expenses kahit na non working hours ung accident ko?

    Thanks po.


    • Lar,

      Ibig mo bang sabihin nasa Pilipinas ka na ngayon? Kung nasa Pinas ka na, visit OWWA or Philhealth office at mag inquire kung paano ka makapag avail ng benepisyo re: OFW accident.

      Hindi po ang company ang sasagot sa gastosin kundi ang health medical insurance company or entity na kanilang kinuha upang maging insurance provider ng kanilang workers in case of health probem and accidents na mangyari sa kanilang mga worker. Ang lahat po ng Saudi companies ay dapat pong mag provide ng medical health insurance sa lahat ng kanilang mga workers under Cooperative Health Insurance Law na tawagin ay GOSI. Usually po maka avail ang worker ng insurance kung ito ay work related accidents or nangyari sa oras ng trabaho.

      Dapat rin pong alamin ng worker kung ang kanyang medical health insurance ay napaloob sa occupational hazards branch na kung saan covered nito ang work related accidents or the Annuities branch sa hindi related work or tinatawag nilang non occupational disability.


      • Hello Sir Bong,

        Thanks po for the prompt response. Sir I have to correct ung message ko earlier, work-related po ung accident ko. kasi I was getting my access pass in the office, ung access pass is required for my field work the next day. Nung pauwi po ako saka ako naaksidente, would you agree sir bong its work related? it happened on a work day.

        I ask my company for medical assistance, they said di ako pwede sa GOSI kasi I failed to indicate ung injury ko sa police reporrt as required in GOSI. Then they said wala cla mabbgay tulong saken. Sir wala po kami orientation about sa GOSI insurance and its requirements.

        Bingyan po ako ng sick leave, umuwi po ako ng pilipinas para cheaper medication, ung ticket po ako po nagshoulder. Dapat po ba company sasalo ng ticket ko pauwi?

        Please advice po.



  10. Sir, my brother flew to Singapore just this week as an OFW. Before he went there, a lot of things bothered him:
    1. He has to pay an excessive placement fee (double his supposedly monthly salary). He contested his placement on the grounds that a) what is written in his contract is he will receive a monthly salary of 1,800SGD plus a 500SGD fringe benefit for his accommodation. But what the agency is asking him to pay is twice of 2,3000SGD. Eventhough he told them that POEA clearly states that OFW should pay a placement fee which is equivalent to his one month salary. Again he insisted that his basic salary is only 1,800SGD as it is written in the contract. But the agency insisted that he should pay 2,300SGD because he is to receive 2,300SGD every month. And since they were insisting also that he has two agencies, one in the philippines and one in Singapore. And because he is in dire need and wanted to work in Singapore, he went to a financial corporation and made a loan to pay what the agency was asking him. (Pikit mata niyang binayaran ang 151,800 pesos.
    2. He arrived in the airport at around 1 o’clock in the morning, was asked by the agency in singapore through the collaboration of the agency in the philippines that he should stay in the airport and to be fetched the following morning by the agency in Singapore. However, when morning came, he was asked to go to his suppose to be employer and when he was there, he was asked to sign another contract which is in my research is called a contract substitution. The new contract was inferior than the contract signed in the Philippines. His position was demoted from the position that he signed in the agency in the philippines.
    3. there are other things that goes with this problem that he had encountered from the moment he went to the agency and up to now. and if i will tell it here, perhaps it would consume so much space.

    Now sir, my brother is now in a lot of confusion and wanted to go back home because of this things that happened to him. If he goes back home, how could he pay his loan? Can he get back the money he has paid with the agency? If so, how about the interest from the loan? How can POEA, NLRC or POLO comes to this problem? Again in my research, since he is now in Singapore, signed another contract, would it be possible to sue the agency here in the Phils for what had happened to him? Saan po papasok yong inaasahan niyang tatanggaping sweldo sa loob ng dalawang taon kung babalik sya sa Pilipinas? Ako man po ay naguguluhan na sa inabot na problema at sakit ng ulo ko sa Singapore sa pagnanais lamang na makapagbigay ng magandang buhay sa kanyang pamilya.

    We need your help and response as soon as possible.

    More power and may God showers you with grace.

    Sincerely yours, JOHN

    • Brent,

      Napakalaking halaga po ang binitiwan ng brother mo Brent. Ang payo ko huwag mo muna siyan pabalikin sa Pinas at idulog muna ag problema na ito sa POLO office sa Singapore at humingi ng advise kung ano ang nararapat na gawin. Pakibigay lamang po ang numerong ito: (65) 6733-2991, (65) 6835-3780), (65) 6834-1690 POLO Singapore.

      Kung kayo ay isang OFW na kasalukuyang nasa ating bansa at nais maghain ng reklamo sa inyong employer at recruitment agency katulad po ng “money claims arising from employer-employee relationship like unpaid wages, breach of contract or illegal dismissal” – kayo po ay puwedeng mag file or mag submit ng complaint sa Migrant Worker’s Desk of the National Labor Relations Commission in Quezon City or in NLRC’s (National Labor Relations Commission) Regional Arbitration Branch sa inyong nasasakopang rehiyon.


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