All about Philhealth and OEC


To: Fellow OFWs

Please be advised that Hospitalization done abroad is covered by PHILHEALTH. All you have to do is submit the following documents for your claim: 

1. Properly accomplished Claim Form 1 (available at Philhealth Office Manila) 

2. Original Official Receipts 

3. Medical Report 

4. Operative Record/Technique if with Operation 

5. Anesthesia Record 

6. Copy of Member’s Date Record (Philhealth) 

7. Copy of Marriage Certificate (if wife/husband is claiming on behalf of OFW) 

8. Statement of Account with Breakdown of Charges 


Notes: All documents in foreign language must be translated in English. Filing period is 180 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.  

For further information you may visit Philhealth website at or call

Philhealth hot line telephone numbers 6373754 or 6379999 local 1122 or 1124. or Cell No. 09189635396

 Contact Person: Ms. Elizabeth S. Fernandez, MD

Manager, Overseas Workers Program and  Email:


PhilHealth’s OFW members will exclusively remit their memberships dues to the Philippines through DBP-Enjaz in Saudi Arabia.

Premium payment amounting to SR81 per year. Note that OFW members are paying less compared to what other members in the other paying categories.

For information about Philhealth members (OFW) benefits, please click this link to read more>>>>>>> 


POEA travel exit clearance

What is a POEA travel exit clearance?

It is a clearance issued by POEA to OFWs who exit from the Philippines for employment purpose.

OFWs with working visas/employment contracts will be allowed to leave the Philippines only if they have a POEA travel exit clearance which comes in the following forms:

a. Overseas Employment Certificate(OEC) – issued in the different POEA regional offices/ regional extension units/satellite offices, POEA deputized OWWA Offices and Philippine Overseas Labor Offices. It is also issued during manual processing of BMs at the POEA Central Office.

b. E-receipt – issued for computerized processing at the POEA Central Office and POEA Regional Offices. It is an integrated receipt for payments of POEA, OWWA, and Philhealth fees.

c. Multiple Travel Exit Clearance(MTEC) The multiple travel exit clearance is a set of two or more clearances issued to a worker-on-leave/Balik manggagawa for use as an exit document within a period of twelve months from date of issuance. It allows the worker-on-leave/balik manggagawa who exits from the Philippines more than once in a period of twelve months to secure his exit clearance on a one-time basis.

The following offices are issuing multiple travel exit clearance:

POEA Main Office, Ortigas

Balik-Manggagawa Processing Civision (BMPD) Service Area
Blas F. Ople Building, Ortigas Ave. corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. (02) 7210785, Fax No. (02) 7296342

2nd Floor, LZK-Zamboanga Bldg., Quezon Avenue
City of San Fernando, La Union
Telefax No. (072) 242-5608 / 700-4236

DOLE Compound, Trece Martirez, Tacloban City
Telefax No. (053) 321-7134

Ground Floor, Trinidad Bldg., Corrales Avenue
Cagayan de Oro City
Telefax No. (08822) 724-824

2nd Floor, AMYA II Bldg., Quimpo Blvd cor. Tulip O Drive
Ecoland, Davao City
Telefax No (082) 297-7429 / 297-7650

All overseas Filipino workers leaving on employment visa / work or equivalent document (such as no objection certificate [NOC], employment pass, gainful occupation permit, confirmation of the right to labor activity, work visa guaranty) shall be required to secure an exit clearance from the POEA or its deputized offices.

Filipino workers with overseas employment contracts but are issued visas other than work / employment (such as: business and visit visa) for the purpose of facilitating the mobilization, shall likewise be required to secure exit clearances from POEA or its deputized offices (POEA Advisory No. 15, series of 2005).

What are the uses of a POEA travel exit clearance?

a. It serves as travel exit pass for OFWs at the airports.

b. It serves as an exemption certificate from payment of Travel Tax and airport terminal fee upon presentation to the airline counter and airport terminal fee counter.

c. It serves as a worker’s guarantee that he is covered by government protection and benefits; Pursuant to Section 35, Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act 1995 (Republic Act 8042), OFWs shall be exempted from the payment of travel tax and airport terminal fee upon presentation of the POEA exit clearance. 

The POEA Balik-Manggagawa Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC) delivery service enables every vacationing OFW to enjoy on-the-phone processing of their OEC enabling them to enjoy more of their vacation time with the family. No need to go all the way to the POEA. POEA Balik-Manggagawa OEC delivery is open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm. The door-to-door delivery service has nationwide coverage.

For those OFW who find themselves in the POEA, they can still avail of Balik-Manggagawa Express delivery services. Simply process your passport in the POEA Balik-Manggagawa booth located inside the POEA and expect your OEC to be delivered to you. 

Online OEC Application (Click it!)

You may also contact them at or at

POEA Balik-Manggagawa OEC Delivery (02) 737-7777 

Yes it’s a new service and most of us might be uncomfortable to try something new because we are used to the old ways but I am telling you availing of POEA’s online services will save you a lot of time and spare you unnecessary effort. You might think you are saving money if you do it the traditional way but money is something you can always earn back but time spent is something you can NEVER gain again. So spend your time wisely, spend it with family.

You can also avail instant online application  NSO Certificates such as: Birth, Death, Marriage and CENOMAR Certificates or browse NSO Citizens Services Website

Thank you.

by: OFWEmpowement

356 thoughts on “All about Philhealth and OEC

  1. Hi, inquire ko lang po kung possible po mag change ng membership sa philhealth from employed to ofw. 5 months palang po ako as ofw and i still have 19 months remaining bago makauwi ng pinas pero gusto ko na po kasi ituloy ang contribution ko, ano po ang steps and requirements para d2? Many thanks in advance

    • If you already are a member of Philhealth, you can just pay your contributions and update your status as OFW.

      If you are outside the Philippines and wants to become a member of Philhealth, you can just submit the following requirements to any Philhalth office:

      -PMRF (Philhealth Member Registration Form)
      -Philhealth Premium Payment Slip (PPPS)
      -Photocopy of acceptable valid IDs
      -Pay your contributions to accredited collecting agents of Philhealth abroad
      -Update your status as OFW.

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