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“Photographs and images store memories in a way that makes them last for the rest of our lives.”
 “One look is worth a thousand words”
  F. Barnard
“One picture is worth ten thousand words”
Chinese Proverb
“One timely deed is worth ten thousand words”
J. Thomson
“Images Never Fades”

I never dreamed in my early life to work far away from home, but there’s a saying that goes “life is worth living” and the only way to get out of the wilderness  once I was into is to say goodbye to my Motherland.  And it’s true,  life has a purpose.  As a human being, I have my own problems and difficulties in life. But as an OFW, virtual reality is a medium to share ideas, experiences and in some ways to lend a hand to others; and in the process forgetting who I am and become who I am really am.  – BongA

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Acceptance SpeechOutstanding Balikbayan and OFW Reputation Award

(December 10, 2013, Mall of Asia/SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines)


This coming 13 December 2013, the OFW Empowerment blog will be celebrating its 8 years anniversary.

When I found out that I will be receiving this award today it gave me time to ruminate on the period of time I have spent on my laptop, day and  night  just to pleased my fellow OFWs in  search of answers to their woes and grievances working in the foreign land.

First and foremost  I would like to thank them  for their trust in me and the ofwempowerment blog for all these years.

Last year, OFWempowerment Blog review of the WordPress 2012 Annual Report stated that “about 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 340,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 6 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!”

As of  today, the blog has 1,104,931 visitors and No. 8 in the list of Philippine top blogs under the community category. We have  2,341 followers,  1,679 emails only followers, 1009 Facebook followers, 19,045 comments, all answered and as of to date 263 comments unanswered yet, because I am here with you today.

What I achieve is just like a drop in a bucket; yet I owe it from my fellow OFWs who made the OFWempowerment blog stronger as ever that even a mightiest storm surge cannot weaken the foundation that this blog has been molded for the past  years. And to receive an award for something I love doing is a true reward  for which I am very grateful.

I would like to express my heartfelt  and sincere appreciation to  Exlinkevents the creator of OBRA (pang lima na PO ngayon) more particularly to Ms. Mitch Ballesteros, the woman behind this big curtain and  the awards WE are reaping today; and to Orly Ballesteros as well, the COO of Exlink Corporation.

There is only one thing we can do as a gesture of gratitude to the organizer, to all the AWARDEES WE CAN DO MORE by supporting EXLINK recent events that are just around the corner, the 10th Megabalikbayan OFW Expo, the OFW Business Summit, the International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo, the International Travel Expo and many more.

I want to finish up by once again thanking everyone for giving me this beautiful Christmas, this wonderful award. Your guidance, your warm camaraderie, and my personal special thanks to Lyza and Sarah of Exlinks.

To my wife-Minda and my brother-Daniel, Jr. and his wife Lorna, who are here today to witness this once and a lifetime occasion. To each and every one of us who are here today-  thank you for sharing with me this glorious memory of a very proud and happy time in my life, a memory I am sure to reflect upon for years to come.  

I am truly honored to receive Exlink events OBRA’s  Outstanding Filipino Blogger Advocate Award.

LASTLY, To the seven Filipino health workers died just recently in  Yemen blast along with the Eleven other Filipinos wounded in the attack – THIS AWARD IS FOR ALL OF YOU!




14 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Hihingi sana ako advise or help from our filipino comunity in saudi arabia. meron po tayong kabayan yan diyan sa dammam na nasa hospital after one day arrival sa job site. hindi ko alam kong paano ang gagawin. big questions sino po ang magbabayad ng hospital bill is it employer? kahit hindi pa siya nakakapag duty sa sa work kasi nagkasakit siya agad agad. no medical insurance pa kasi kararating niya nga lang diyan.

    sino po ba ang pwedi natin malapitan diyan sa KSA sa mga ganitong situation?

    please help.

    • Mat,

      Try to instruct somebody in al Khobar to call Labor Attache Adam Musa or kung sino man doon ang makasagot. 03-8995714 or 0501269742. Paki inquire na lang po doon sa kanila for exact answers of your concerns.


    • I think the Employer should shoulder that responsbility .. The contract starts from the day you depart Manila on the flight going to Saudi Arabia .. this is what is written in our contract.

  2. Good Day, I came across your blog while searching for KACST, my husband will soon be living again for Saudi to work in KACST as an Electronics Engineer.(tentative date is on July 10, 2011). I am just happy to know that there are also fellow Filipinos (active in the augmenting the plight of Pinoy OFW in Saudi). I will ask him to look for you the soonest that he arrives there.

  3. Wow… How I wish I had seen this site earlier ..
    Men like you are the saving grace against our Dissapointments in our Government’s inefficiencies & lack of concern to us OFWs

    • Hi Rene!

      As what I’ve said, “OFW recognition can only be achieved through unified and collective effort among our ranks.” Pag watak watak at kanya kanya parin ang ugali nating mga OFW (kanya kanyang pasikatan, kanya kanyang diskarte, kanya kanyang buhat ng banko), sisiguradohin ko sa inyo, kailan man ay hindi tayo kikilanin ng ating Gobyerno bilang isang Sector ng mamamayang Pilipino.

      Thank you so much for dropping by.


  4. Greetings from Kuwait mr Manny, napadaan lang po and wish you more success sa magagandang proyekto para sa lahat ng ofws.

    -salamat po

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