PhilEmbassy & Consulate Advisories on Monitoring Filipinos at Saudi-Yemen Border Conflict






To All Dear Kabayans in Najran Province. K.S.A.

Rocket explosions in Najran yesterday, 26 May 2015, and the previous days, show that there is still a clear, imminent, and persisting on the lives, limbs and properties of Kabayans in Najran, particularly those within the city center.

Filipinos in Najran ara again advised to coordinate with their employers for their evacuation plan should the security situation in the area worsen. The employers are primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of their workers, including relocation and/ or evacuation.

If the employers cannot be contacted or do not have any evacuation plan. Filipinos in Najran, especially those within the city center and nearby areas usually targeted by rocket attacks, are advised to inform the Consulate of the contact information of their employers. The Consulate shall assist the worker in coordination with their employer and if needed, relocating to them to a safer area out of reach of rocket attacks.

It is also reminded that as of this time, the normal procedure for filing of leaves, resignation, securing exit/entry or final exit visa and processing of benefits still apply unless otherwise changed by the Saudi government because of the current situation.

A team from the Philippine Consulate is presently in Najran to re-assess the situation in the area and provide assistance to Filipinos who need it. They are being assisted by the Consulate’s network of coordinators and volunteers in Najran.

Filipinos in Najran are reminded of the following hotllines of the Philippine Consulate for Najran concerns: 053 424 0362 (in Najran), and 012 619 8478/ 012 669 2589 (in Jeddah).

Filipinos are also advised to closely monitor succeeding advisories to be issued by the Consulate, through its website and facebook page, ( on the situation in Najran.

27 May 2015








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